The next Generation GMAT

Motivated by ETS's advance into the MBA admissions bazaar with the GRE, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) announced that a fresh GMAT assay will barrage in 2013. Dubbed the "Next Bearing GMAT," the fresh assay will be advised to affected the business academy community's better objections to the accepted exam.

What will the Next Generation GMAT look like? Will it be more difficult? Will there be change in number of questions, perhaps in a different format? Right now, numerous options are being identified, reviewed, and measured—an important and time-consuming activity that is critical before a new test begins to evolve. Developing the best assessment possible hasn’t happened overnight—and GMAC is committed to conducting the thorough review and continual testing at each step along the way to deliver a successful Next Generation GMAT, meeting the needs of business schools and students well into the future

One of those criticisms has been that the current GMAT has a strong bias in favour of Western culture, in part because it is only offered in English. While this does create some built-in unnatural advantages and disadvantages based on a student's native language, one strength of this approach is that it makes it easier to compare GMAT scores of students from anywhere in the world. If, with the new exam, Student A scores a 700 in English and Student B scores a 700 in german, will an MBA admissions officer really be able to treat these two scores as the same? It will be interesting to see how GMAC tackles problems such as these.


18/12 CR Challenger

The city's center for disease control reports that the rabies epidemic is more serious now than it was two years ago: two years ago less than 25 percent of the local raccoon population was infected, whereas today the infection has spread to more than 50 percent of the raccoon population. However, the newspaper reports that whereas two years ago 32 cases of rabid raccoons were confirmed during a 12-month period in the past 12 months only 18 cases of rabid raccoons were confirmed.

Which one of the following if true, most helps to resolve the apparent discrepancy between the two reports?

(A) The number of cases of rabies in wild animals other than raccoons has increased in the past 12 months.
(B) A significant proportion of the raccoon population succumbed to rabies in the year before last.
(C) The symptoms of distemper another disease to which raccoons are susceptible are usually identical to those of rabies.
(D) Since the outbreak of the epidemic, raccoons, which are normally nocturnal have increasingly been seen during daylight hours
(E) The number of confirmed cases of rabid raccoons in neighboring cities has also decreased over the past year.
ans and explanation in comments


9/12 CR Challenger

In the year following an eight-cent increase in the federal tax on a pack of cigarettes, sales of cigarettes fell ten percent. In contrast, in the year prior to the tax increase, sales had fallen one percent. The volume of cigarette sales is therefore strongly related to the after-tax price of a pack of cigarettes.

The argument above requires which of the following assumptions?

A. During the year following the tax increase, the pretax price of a pack of cigarettes did not increase by as much as it had during the year prior to the tax increase.

B. The one percent fall in cigarette sales in the year prior to the tax increase was due to a smaller tax increase.

C The pretax price of a pack of cigarettes gradually decreased throughout the year before and after the tax increase

D. For the year following the tax increase, the pretax price of a pack of cigarettes was not eight or more cents lower than it had been in the previous year.
E. As the after-tax price of a pack of cigarettes rises, the pretax price also rises

ans and explnatation in comments


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26/11 CR Challenger

Which of the following most logically completes the argument given?

People in isolated rain-forest communities tend to live on a largely vegetarian diet, and
they eat little salt. Few of them suffer from high blood pressure, and their blood pressure
does not tend to increase with age, as is common in industrialized countries. Such people
often do develop high blood pressure when they move to cities and adopt high-salt diets.
Though suggestive, these facts do not establish salt as the culprit in high blood pressure,
however, because ________.
A. genetic factors could account for the lack of increase of blood pressure with age
among such people.
B. people eating high-salt diets and living from birth in cities in industrialized
societies generally have a tendency to have high blood pressure.
C. it is possible to have a low-salt diet while living in a city in an industrialized
country .
D. there are changes in other aspects of diet when such people move to the city.
E. salt is a necessity for human life, and death can occur when the body loses too
much salt .

Answer and explanation in comments,


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20/11 CR Challenger

Guidebook writer: I have visited hotels throughout the country and have noticed that in those built before 1930 the quality of the original carpentry work is generally superior to that in hotels built afterward. Clearly carpenters working on hotels before 1930 typically worked with more skill, care, and effort than carpenters who have worked on hotels built subsequently.
Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the guidebook writer’s argument?
A. The quality of original carpentry in hotels is generally far superior to the quality of original carpentry in other structures, such as houses and stores.
B. Hotels built since 1930 can generally accommodate more guests than those built before 1930.
C. The materials available to carpenters working before 1930 were not significantly different in quality from the materials available to carpenters working after 1930.
D. The better the quality of original carpentry in a building, the less likely that building is to fall into disuse and be demolished.
E. The average length of apprenticeship for carpenters has declined significantly since 1930

ans and exp in comments


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18/11 CR Challenger

18/11 CR Challenger


The use of snowmobiles in the vast park north of Milville creates unacceptable levels of air pollution and should be banned.

Milville business spokesperson:

Snowmobiling brings many out-of-towners to Milville in winter months, to the great financial benefit of many local residents. So, economics dictate that we put up with the pollution.

Environmentalist:I disagree: A great many cross-country skiers are now kept from visiting Milville by the noise and pollution that snowmobiles generate.

Environmentalist responds to the business spokesperson by doing which of the following?

A. Challenging an assumption that certain desirable outcome can derive from only one set of circumstances

B. Challenging an assumption that certain desirable outcome is outweighed by negative aspects associated with producing that outcome

C. Maintaining that the benefit that the spokesperson desires could be achieved in greater degree by a different means

D. Claiming that the spokesperson is deliberately misrepresenting the environmentalist

ans and explanation in comments


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16/11 DS Challenger

I think this was posted before but I can't find it. Can you please explain your answers:

If zy<0,>

1) z
2) y>0

Answer and exp in comments


13/11 CR challenger

Every store on Main Street in ranchi has an awning, and all of these awnings are either green or red.

If the statement above is true, which one of the following must also be true?

I. Some awnings in ranchi are green.
II. If a store in ranchi does not have an awning, then it is not on Main Street.
III. If a store in ranchi has a red awning, then it is on Main Street.

A) I only

B) II only

C) I and II only

D) I and III only

E) I, II, and III

ans and exp in comments


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DS Challenger

Points A, B, C and D are on the number line, not necessarily in that order. If the distance between A and B is 18 and the distance between C& D is 8, what is the distance between B & D

1) Distance between C & A is same as distance between C & B.
2) A is to the left of D on the number line.

ans and explanation in comments


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CR Challenger 12/11 - 2

A diet high in saturated fats increases a person’s risk of developing heart disease. Regular consumption of red wine reduces that risk. Per-capita consumption of saturated fats is currently about the same in France as in the United States, but there is less heart disease there than in the United States because consumption of red wine is higher in France. The difference in regular red-wine consumption has been narrowing, but no similar convergence in heart-disease rates has occurred.

Which of the following, if true, most helps to account for the lack of convergence noted abov

A. Consumption of saturated fats is related more strongly to the growth of fatty deposits on artery walls, which reduce blood flow to the heart, than it is to heart disease directly.
B. Over the past 30 years, per-capita consumption of saturated fats has remained essentially unchanged in the United States but has increased somewhat in France.
C. Reports of the health benefits of red wine have led many people in the United States to drink red wine regularly.
D. Cigarette smoking, which can also contribute to heart disease, is only slightly more common in France than in the United States.
E. Regular consumption of red wine is declining dramatically among young adults in France, and heart disease typically does not manifest itself until middle age.

answer & explanation in comments


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Few Days to CAT

Ending a three decade old paper-pencil format for the Common Admissions Test(CAT), the Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) have determined to adopt a computer based model for CAT 2009. CAT has become one of the most competitive exams to judge the prospective of the candidates willing to follow their career in business administration.
CAT 2009 to be Online and to be held on November-December 2009.
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10/11 CR Challenger

Every fall Croton's jays migrate south. The jays always join flocks of migrating crookbeaks with which they share the summer and winter territories. If a jay becomes separated from the crookbeaks it is accompanying, it wanders until it comes across another flock of crookbeaks. Clearly, therefore, Croton's jays lack the navigational ability to find their way south on their own.

Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the argument above?

A - Croton's jays lay their eggs in the nest of crookbeaks, which breed upon completing their southern migration.
B - The three species of most closely related to crookbeaks do not migrate at all.
C - In the spring, Croton's jays migrate north in the company of Tattersall warblers.
D - Species other than Croton's jays occasionally accompany flocks of migrating crookbeaks.
E - In the spring, crookbeaks migrate north before Croton's jays do.

ans in comment



I was 100 kg in 2005 and after major weight loss I have got loose skin, My friends suggest me to do liposuction. Liposuction is a kind of cosmetic surgery, it is a vacuum approach to removing body fat. Typically, a plastic surgeon makes a tiny incision and inserts a a small tube, that is then pushed forward and backward in the cells in a layer of fat to suction them out.
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The different Types of Liposuction
Basic Liposuction
Wet Liposuction
Tumescent Liposuction
Ultrasound Liposuction

The operation is an easy one. Though they are few complications like infections, Excessive fluid loss etc.
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CR Challenger 09/11

CR Challenger 09/11
If the ad agency that created the television ad for Tough-As-Nails Tools had thoroughly researched customer demographics, then they would have realized that the majority of frequent tool users are men. Yet the ad was shown during a cooking program targeted to women. However, if the advertisers had not researched customer demographics, then the ad would not have incorporated images depicting the use of tools in home improvement projects as an activity that men enjoy. Yet the ad did so. Therefore the ad agency made some sort of mistake: either the agency did not understand the demographics of the cooking program̢۪s audience or the ad was intended to be shown during a different program.

Which one of the following statements, if true, would most weaken the argument above?

A. The purchasers of products given as gifts are not the ultimate users of those products.

B. Many women, including those who watch cooking programs, occasionally use tools for home improvement projects.

C. The ad agency had never previously aired an ad during a program other than the one intended.

D. Some men, including some who use tools frequently, occasionally watch cooking programs.

E. The ad agency has a reputation for conducting high quality demographic research.

answer and expl in comments


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The AIMAT (Asian Institute of Management Admissions Test) is an One hour and Thirty minutes written entrance exam. It is a paper-based test, not a computer-adaptive test. There are 2 different test sets all matched to be equal in all respects. This 1 hour 30 minute test will be followed by 5 minutes given to you to review your test. After this there will be a 10 minute break. After the 10 minute break you will be required to write an essay which will take 40 minutes. So you should be prepared to spend a total of 2 hours 25 minutes for this entire exercise.

Details are given below.
Test – I: (Section 1) Sentence Error Recognition - 25 Items - 5 Minutes
Test – I: (Section 2) Reading Comprehension – 25 Items – 25 Minutes
Test - II: Critical Reasoning – 50 Items - 30 Minutes
Test - III: Quantitative Reasoning – 50 Items - 30 Minutes

(Data Sufficiency / Problem Solving / Quantitative Reasoning / Data Interpretation)

There are no Negative markings in the AIMAT, so please try to attempt all questions. We don't provide any sample papers on AIMAT nor do we provide any CDs on it. The content and questions of the AIMAT are patterned after the GMAT. Those who wish to review for this can practice on a GMAT reviewer, which is commercially available. We hope the information provided above will help in your preparations.

The exam is on 6th December,2009


PDF Search Engine

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Asian Insitute of Management Road Show

Just been from road show in bangalore.. in hotel ragaalis.. it was very good..professor Li kam had come along wid alumni.
They were telling about the different technique of teaching in AIM, Te case study method.There are rround 600 case studies in 16 month MBA program. The MM is 11 month with average of 9+ exp. The Aumni n/w is very strong. It heps u getting a job.
According to Li, 60 pc of present batch has been placed. They take weightage on essays, marksheet, essay, reco and scores.
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27/10 CR challengers

Two experimental garden plots were each planted with the same number of tomato plants. Magnesium salts were added to the first plot but not to the second. The first plot produced 20 pounds of tomatoes and the second plot produced 10 pounds. Since nothing else but water was added to either plot, the higher yields in the first plot must have been due to the magnesium salts.

Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument above?

(A) A small amount of the magnesium salts from the first plot leached into the second plot.
(B) Tomato plants in a third experimental plot, to which a high-nitrogen fertilizer was added, but no magnesium salts, produced 15 pounds of tomatoes.
(C) Four different types of tomatoes were grown in equal proportions in each of the plots.
(D) Some weeds that compete with tomatoes cannot tolerate high amounts of magnesium salts in the soil.
(E) The two experimental plots differed from each other with respect to soil texture and exposure to sunlight.

answer and explanantion at comments


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13/10 Challenger CR

The popular notion that a tree's age can be determined by counting the number of internal rings in its trunk is generally true. However, to help regulate the internal temperature of the tree, the outermost layers of wood of the Brazilian ash often peel away when the temperature exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit, leaving the tree with fewer rings than it would otherwise have. So only if the temperature in the Brazilian ash's environment never exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit will its rings be a reliable measure of the tree's age.Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument above depends?

A. The growth of new rings in a tree is not a function of levels of precipitation.

B. Only the Brazilian ash loses rings because of excessive heat.

C. Only one day of temperatures above 95 degrees Fahrenheit is needed to cause the Brazilian ash to lose a ring.

D. The internal rings of all trees are of uniform thickness.

E. The number of rings that will be lost when the temperature exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit is not predictable


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20-09 CR Challenger

The unemployment rate in the United States fellfrom 7.5 percent in 1981 to 6.9 percent in 1986. Itcannot, however, be properly concluded from thesestatistics that the number of unemployed in 1986was lower than it had been in 1981 because-----.

(A) help-wanted advertisements increased between1981 and 1986

(B) many of the high-paying industrial jobs avail-able in 1981 were replaced by low
-wage ser-vice jobs in 1986, resulting in displacementsof hundreds of thousands of workers
(C) in some midwestern industrial states, the unem-ployment rate was much higher in 1986 thanit had been in 1981
(D) the total available work force, including thosewith and without employment, increasedbetween 1981 and 1986
(E) the average time that employees stay in anyone job dropped during the period 1981to 1986

answers and explanation in comments


Media Production Company Review

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CR Challenger 03/09

The purpose of the proposed law requiring a doctor's prescription for obtaining hypodermic needles is to lower the incidence of drug-related deaths, both accidental and intentional, involving hypodermic needles. But even knitting needles can be lethal if they fall into the wrong hands; yet everyone would agree that imposing legal restrictions on obtaining knitting needles would be preposterous. Hence the proposed law involving hypodermic makes no sense and should not be enacted.Which of the following, it true, would provide most support for the argument above?

(A) Knitting needles have been known to cause injury and death.

(B) The benefits of hypodermic needles outweigh those of knitting needles.

(C) The proposed law would not deter the sort of activity known to result in drug-related deaths.

(D) The proposed law could not be effectively enforced.

(E) Knitting needles are not readily available to anybody who wants to obtain them

answers and explantaion in comments


XAT Forms out

XAT is on december 3rd, 2010
XAT Bulletin & XLRI Prospectus can be obtained from 120 Branches of Axis Bank or from the XAT Office / Admissions Office, XLRI, Circuit House Area (East), Jamshedpur, 831001.Click here to view address of Axis Bank Branches.


28/08 CR

The United Nations General Assembly term runs from September to January. The greatest part of this time is taken up with useless chatter. Delegates debate endlessly, never arriving at decisions. The delegate from each and every 300-square-mile archipelago in the South Pacific must make a lengthy presentation on every topic that reaches the floor, yet almost no attention is paid to solving practical problems that are actually capable of being solved.

The author's argument is based on which one of the following assumptions?

a.The purpose of the General Assembly is to deal with specific practical problems.

b.Too many small states with insignificant problems are members of the General Assembly.

c.If the General Assembly spent less time debating, it would devote most of its attention to providing relief for famine areas.

d.The term of the General Assembly is too short for any important work to be accomplished

e.Members of the General Assembly who are from large countries tend to concentrate more on global issues, rather than on minor topics

answer and explanation in comments


return on investment of MBA

How much return on investment can students really expect from their hard-ruppees , pounds or euros? And are the cost increases of recent years really justified?
Rose Martinelli, an associate dean at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, makes the point that it is not just the cost of receiving business education which has risen, it is also the cost of providing it. She makes the case that MBA programmes are now much more resource-driven than they were a decade ago, citing a new career-management centre, more teaching facilities, increased use of technology and greater use of mentoring and coaching as examples at her own school.
It’s a valid argument. A pre-dotcom MBA student dropped into a present day programme would barely recognise his pampered, modern-day colleague. And one other expensive feature that might come as a surprise would be the sheer diversity of the class. Ten years ago even the more international programmes drew most of their participants from the host country, with the balance largely recruited elsewhere in the developed West. Now schools spend large sums touring the world to promote their wares on every continent but Antarctica.
Furthermore, working out the return on investment an MBA programme can deliver has always been challenging. Most rankings focus on shorter-term benefits such as the difference between pre- and post-programme earnings. However, in recent years the popularity of the qualification has allowed top schools to cherry-pick the very best candidates, candidates who, in most cases, are already high earners. As a result, the immediate effect on earning power diminishes and so too does the perception of value for money.
Perhaps the only way that the true return on an MBA can be measured is by looking at its effect over the course of five or even ten years. This may seem a leap of faith—especially right now—but students can take heart by examining the careers of successful alumni. And then the rising cost of the MBA experience may not seem so daunting after all.

Refernce: economist


Term Life Insurance

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GMAT CR Challenger 16/08

The number of young adults that are illiterate has dropped significantly in a certain county over the last fifteen years. Education officials attribute this decrease entirely to improved conditions in the schools, which made for a better teaching environment, reducing the level of illiteracy.Which of the following, if true, would most seriously weaken the education officials’ explanation for the lower incidence of the disease?
A) Many similar improvements in school conditions have been made over the last twenty-five years in the county.
B) Home-schooling has not been more prevalent among the illiterate as compared to people who are not illiterate.
C) Because of a new assessment scale, many people who until this year would have been considered illiterate are now considered low-level readers.
D) The same percentage of the population has been tested every year for the last 30 years.
E) The conditions in the schools were brought up to the standards of the neighboring counties twenty years ago

answer and explanation in comments


GMAT Centers in India

Prometric Testing (P) Ltd.
301-302, Abhijeet-Ii, Mitha Kali,
6 Road, Ellisbridge,

Prometric Testing (P) Ltd.
Maini Sadan, 1st Floor,
No 38 Lavelle Road, 7th Cross,
Bangalore - 560001

Prometric Testing (P) Ltd.
Flat 1/C, 1st Floor, Sukh Sagar Bldg,
Sarat Bose Road,
Calcutta - 700020

Prometric Testing (P) Ltd.
No 15, 2nd Floor, Romar House,
Jagannathan Road, Nugambakkam,
Chennai - 600034

Prometric Testing (P) Ltd.
Avenue 1, Street 20, Plot 1672,
Road 12, Banjara Hills
Hyderabad - 500034

Prometric Testing (P) Ltd.
Marwah House, Saki Vihar Road,
Saki Naka, Andheri (E)
Mumbai - 400072

Prometric Testing (P) Ltd.
Senior Plaza, 160-A, 3rd Floor,
Gautam Nagar, Yusuf Sarai,
Behind Indian Oil Building,
New Delhi-110049,


GMAT OG 12 RC Review

The changeover to the 12th edition, 45 problems and 7 passages were removed, leaving 113 repeated problems and 20 passages (including all Diagnostic problems and passages). 43 problems and 7 passages were then added, bringing the total to 156 questions and 27 passages—almost exactly the same as in the 11th edition

As in the 11th edition, GMAC clearly caps its word limit for Reading Comprehension passages at 350 words, whereas in the past, passages could extend as long as 460 words. The takeaway? Look for shorter, denser passages and an increasing emphasis on unique question types that require less of a "word search" technique, and more of a nuanced understanding of what is being asked. Slightly more than 10% of the 12th edition's Reading Comprehension questions fit the "Function" variety taught in Veritas Prep classes, in which the reason why the author cites a specific detail is of prime importance, not just the detail itself. Our analysis confirms that the proprietary Veritas Prep STOP strategy is the perfect strategic approach to attaining Reading comprehension mastery. STOP emphasizes a structural understanding of each passage, helping the test-taker deduce the author's intent and more quickly identify where pertinent details will appear. Furthermore, nearly half of the Reading Comprehension questions in the 12th edition fit into Critical Reasoning-style categories, reaffirming the value of the logical approach introduced in "Arguments", the opening lesson of the Veritas Prep program.
Reference : Veritas Prep


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9.9 School Of Convergence

9.9 School Of Convergence helps in pursuing a career in Journalism. There is a very good course “Diploma in Applied Journalism” . It aims to equip aspiring journalists with the core skills required for success in their profession such as high-quality and consistent reporting, writing and editing skills. The industry is simply unable to match the quality seen in media products in the West, whether in print, TV or online. So there is lot of scope for this course. It is your preparation for a dynamic future in an industry that is going through change like never before. It is your hedge against an uncertain future. No one knows the profile of a journalist a few years down the line. But what everyone accepts is that the future is convergence – a meeting of the many formats of media.
Presently admission are open for this course that starts at september 20th in 9.9 School Of Convergence . Interested people can either download the application form the site
Or, collect it from thier office.
There is 5 step admission procedure for each the deadline is given on thier site.
The ‘Diploma in Applied Journalism’ is open to Students currently pursuing graduation/ post graduation in any discipline , Graduates from any discipline working people looking for a switch.
The classes will be a weekend affair with classes held on Sundays, so that it does not clash with academic or professional commitments
I believe its a great oppurtunity for people to start a career media, its a real challenging job and has a power to change things. For any queries regarding the course- admission process, fee etc. contact 9.9 Media School of Convergence.


CR in Official Guide 12 Review

Critical Reasoning
In the Critical Reasoning section, nearly 1/3 of the published questions fit into "Advanced Applications" as introduced in the Veritas Prep "Critical Reasoning 2" lesson. These categories (e.g. "Assumption" or "Useful to Evaluate") feature convoluted question stems and require specific strategies to successfully solve the most difficult problems. In many cases, these questions closely parallel the advanced Logical Reasoning questions featured on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), thus students can make good use of the logic training in the Veritas Prep "Arguments" lesson and subsequent Critical Reasoning lessons. For several years, Veritas Prep has hypothesized that, in order to make the GMAT verbal section more challenging, GMAC would adopt more advanced Critical Reasoning questions like those found on the LSAT. The new questions featured in the 12th edition support that hypothesis, and demonstrate the value of the increasing emphasis that we place on these advanced topics in our prep materials.


Official Guide 12 Is it worth?

I just glanced through the OG12 at LandMark and practically saw the same problems as the ones in OG 11, especially in Quant. It's probably not worth purchasing the OG12 if you have the Orange book.

I would say that about 60-65% is old content and the format/layout/etc. has not changed. Entire sections are complete copy and paste. There really aren't any new type of questions that I have seen.

The 12th edition, in which approximately 2/3 of the questions are identical to those in the 11th edition, remains what GMAC has always intended it to be – a resource of official, retired questions for potential test-takers to use as part of their preparation regimen.
I would suggest to finish OG11 comfortably with high accuracy then go ahead with OG 12.


SP Jain Dubai/Singapore College Focus

A good destination to do a executive MBA. The campus of S P Jain was established at the prestigious Knowledge Village in Dubai in the year 2004. Within a short span it has carved a unique name for itself for quality management education. The S P Jain Center of Management, Dubai runs the region's first fulltime MBA program and the region's first Executive MBA program.
S P Jain continues its legacy in management education by establishing the 2nd international campus in the city of Singapore. From the academic year 2006 we offer a truly Global MBA program conducted jointly from both the campuses, Dubai and Singapore.


Happy Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is based on an ancient legend. The legend goes that the gods were having a war with the demons.

The god Indra got help from his wife. She tied a piece of silk around his wrist to ward off the evil demons. With the silk around his wrist, Indra beat back the devils and got back his home in the heavens. The practice of Raksha Bandhan was also conspicuous with the Rajputs and history is replete with instances related to the significance of this tradition. At the time of war when the brave Rajput soldiers prepared to go to the battlefield, the women folk followed the ritual of tying a thread around their wrist after applying a dash of vermilion powder on their forehead.

This was considered a sign of good omen and the ladies believed that it would protect their men from the enemy's blow and bring them victory.

Indian history is witness to many instances, especially among the Rajputs and Marathas, of Hindu Queens sending rakhis (colourful silken bracelets embellished with beads, semi precious stones, to tie on wrists) to Muslim Kings seeking their protection. Despite conflicting beliefs and religions, the Kings honoured the rakhi and came to the rescue.

The festival derives its significance and meaning today from several historical incidents too. The oldest anecdote goes back to 300 BC when Alexander of Macedonia invaded the Indian sub-continent with a large and powerful army on horse-back. A major battle with king Puru, ruler of Western India, so unnerved him that his beloved decided to do something about it. She had come to know about the Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan. She sought an audience with the great Indian warrior Puru and begged to be accepted as his sister. Puru in a brotherly gesture extended his hand and the Greek lady put a raakhi on it. Puru in return promised not to harm Alexander.
A well-known incident is about queen Karmawati of Chittor. When the king of Gujarat attacked, the widow queen knew she wont be able to save the honour of the womenfolk. She immediately despatched a horse-rider with a bejewelled raakhi to Mughal emperor Humayun in Agra seeking protection from the invader. Humayun was so touched by this appeal of sisterly sentiment that he lost no time in rushing to her help with a large army.

But it was too late by the time he reached Chittor. All he found was the burning pyres of the brave queen and thousands of women.

Today, Hindu girls with brothers give them special bracelets woven of silk (called rakhi) on this day. The rakhi are made of red and gold thread. They are a symbol of the bond between brothers and sisters. When the sisters give their brothers the rakhis, they give them candy to eat as well. The brothers give their sisters little gifts in return.


Web hosting rating and reviews

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01/08 CR Challenger

Bank deposits are credited on the date of the transaction only when they are made before Alicia knows that the bank deposit was made before 3 p.m . So, Alicia knows that the bank deposit was credited on the date of the transaction.

Which one of the following exhibits both of the logical flaws exhibited by the argument above?

(A) Journalists are the only ones who will be permitted to ask questions at the press conference. Since Marjorie is a journalist, she will be permitted to ask questions.

(B) We know that Patrice works only on Thursday. Today is Thursday, so it follows that Patrice is working today.

(C) It is clear that George knows he will be promoted to shift supervisor, because George will be promoted to shift supervisor only if Helen resigns, and George knows Helen will resign.

(D) John believes that 4 is a prime number and that 4 is divisible by 2. Hence John believes that there is a prime number divisible by 2.

(E) Pat wants to become a social worker. It is well known that social workers are poorly paid. Pat apparently wants to be poorly paid


30/07 CR

In the course of her researches, a historian recently found two documents mentioning the same person, Erich Schnitzler. One, dated May 3, 1739, is a record of Schnitzler’s arrest for peddling without a license. The second, undated, is a statement by Schnitzler asserting that he has been peddling off and on for 20 years.

The facts above best support which of the following conclusions?

(A) Schnitzler started peddling around 1719.
(B) Schnitzler was arrested repeatedly for peddling.
(C) The undated document was written before 1765.
(D) The arrest record was written after the undated document.
(E) The arrest record provides better evidence that Schnitzler peddled than does the undated document.

answers and explanation in comments


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23/07 CR

Frobisher, a sixteenth-century English explorer, had soil samples from Canada's Kodlunarn Island examined for gold content. Because high gold content was reported, Elizabeth I funded two mining expeditions. Neither expedition found any gold there. Modern analysis of the island's soil indicates a very low gold content. Thus the methods used to determine the gold content of Frobisher's samples must have been inaccurate.

Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends?

(A) The gold content of the soil on Kodlunarn Island is much lower today than it was in the sixteenth century.

(B) The two mining expeditions funded by Elizabeth I did not mine the same part of Kodlunarn Island.

(C) The methods used to assess gold content of the soil samples provided by Frobisher were different from those generally used in the sixteenth century.

(D) Frobisher did not have soil samples from any other Canadian island examined for gold content.

(E) Gold was not added to the soil samples collected by Frobisher before the samples were examined.


Fourth Estate

There is a Fourth Estate, The Media and Entertainment industry conference on Saturday, July 25, 2009 at Chelmsford Club, #1,Krishi Bhawan, Raisina Road, New Delhi H.O.Delhi 110001, organized by 9.9 School of Convergence.

It will help aspirants and give them options in pursuing a career in the Media and entertainment industry. The speakers of the conference include Karan Makhija( Film Actor, Jaane Tu Jaane Na and 9.9 SoC alumni ) Ranabir Majumdar (, ESPN Star and 9.9SoC alumni) and Dr. Pramath Raj Sinha (Dean, 9.9 SoC , CEO 9.9 Mediaworx, Founding Dean ISB).

More and More people are looking for diversity in their careers and with the advent of technology advancements a new path has been created in the Media and Entertainment Sectors.
The event will bring together leaders in the media industry together to discuss the evolution in the industry and the job opportunities created.
Fourth Estate, The Media and Entertainment industry conference is a first-of-its-kind workshop by experts on different career opportunities in Media; with special focus on how you can pursue them.
The exciting nature of these job profiles has often seen to lure youngsters who are taking Internet & New Media Jobs very seriously. Creative, confident and the urge to take on a path, not many would want to take, are typical characteristics of people who want to try their luck in Media & Entertainment Jobs.
If you are interested in media sector do come and attend conference. The Program Fee is Rs 300 per participant. Brunch will be served. There are Limited seats please book your slot by email (first come first serve) and please mention subject "Registration for workshop" with your name and contact number.


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CR Challenger 11/07

Black Americans are, on the whole, about twice as likely as White Americans to develop high blood pressure. This likelihood also holds for westernized Black Africans when compared to White Africans.Researchers have hypothesized that this predisposition in westernized Blacks may reflect an interaction between western high-salt diets and genes that adapted to an environmental scarcity of salt.
Which of the following statements about present-day, westernized Black Africans, if true, would most tend to confirm the researchers' hypothesis?
(A) The blood pressures of those descended from peoples situated throughout their history in Senegal and Gambia, where salt was always available, are low.
(B) The unusually high salt consumption in certain areas of Africa represents a serious health problem.
(C) Because of their blood pressure levels, most White Africans have markedly decreased their salt consumption.
(D) Blood pressures are low among the Yoruba, who, throughout their history, have been situated far inland from sources of sea salt and far south of Saharan salt mines
(E) No significant differences in salt metabolism have been found between those people who have had salt available throughout their history and those who have not.

Answer and explanation in comments.


Local Autobody Shops

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100 Key points for budget 2009

It has been 2 days since budget has been announced, many speculations about the budget are taking place, Pages and shows about the same is hitting us with lots of information. How the budget will impact us and the market ? I have composed 100 simple straight forward key points of the budget.

1.Govt committed to tax reforms
2.Hike in IT exemption to Rs 2,40,000 for senior citizens
3.Commodities Transaction Tax to be scrapped
4. Service tax to be levied on law firms
5. 10 pc surcharge on personal income tax scrapped
6. Excise duty on petrol-driven small trucks down to 10%
7. Exemption of duty on goods made at construction sites restored
8. Drugs for heart diseases to become cheaper
9. Banking network to be expanded
10. Customs duty on gold and silver import increased
11. Mobile phone accessories to become cheaper
12. Pranab's Budget brings little cheer for the market
13. Branded jewellery for women to become cheaper
14. Customs duty on bio-diesel reduced
15. Tax holiday extended for textile units
16. Small businesses exempt from advance tax
17. Custom duty on LCD panels halved
18. Set-top boxes to cost more
19. Anonymous funds to charitable bodies to get some tax relief
20. MAT (minimum alternate tax) hiked to 15% of book profit
21. Hike in IT exemption for women to Rs 1,90,000
22. General Sales Tax model will have a Central GST and State GST
23. Share of direct taxes has increased to 56 per cent in 2008-09
24. GST to come into effect from April 01, 2010
25. Corporate tax unchanged
26. New tax code to be set up in 45 days
27. Goods and Services Tax to be introduced from April 1, 2010
28. Total budget expenditure for 2009-10 will Rs 10,28,032 cr
29. Plan expenditure, for both Centre and States, to go up by Rs 61,000 cr
30. Fiscal deficit in 2009-10 is proposed at 6.8 per cent of GDP
31. Higher public investment in infrastructure
32. Defence outlay remains unchanged
33. Rs 1,000 cr for Aila rehabilitation to West Bengal
34. Rs 25 cr each for AMU campuses in Murshidabad and Mallapuram
35. Rs 2,113 cr for IITs and NITs
36. Funds for GSI to enhance exploration of minerals
37. New pension benefits for 12 lakh jawans and JCOs
38. Pension of non-commissioned officers to be hiked
39. Allocation for rehab of Lankan Tamils
40. One lakh dwelling units for paramilitary forces to be built
41. Commonwealth allocation hiked to Rs 3472 crore
42. Allocation of Rs 50 cr to Chandigarh University
43. Govt to hike allocation to National Ganga Project to Rs 562 cr
44. One rank, one pension for ex-servicemen from July 1
45. Allowances to para-military forces at par with defence forces
46. Unique Identification ID project to roll out in 12-18 months
Fringe Benefit Tax to be scrapped
48. Unique Identification ID project to tap private talent
49. Allocation for NRHM to be raised by Rs 257 cr
50. National action plan on climate change
51. Full interest subsidy for students in approved institutions
52. Modernisation of national employment exchanges
53. 50% cent of rural women in self-help groups
54. Rural mega clusters in Bengal and Rajasthan
55. Interest subsidy for home loans up to Rs 1 lakh
56. Interest subsidy on education loans
57. Rashtriya Mahila Kosh corpus to be raised to Rs 500 crore
58. Rs 2,000 cr for rural housing fund under National Housing Bank
59. National Mission for female literacy
60. NREGA allocation up 144%
61. Work on National Food Security scheme for subsidised food
62. Rs 100 cr one-time grant to expand banks in unbanking areas
63. Indira Awaas Yojna hiked by 63% to Rs 8,883 cr
64. Allocation for PM Gram Sadak Yojna up by 59 per cent
65. Rs 39,100 crore allocation for NREGA
66. NREGA gave employment opportunities to more than 4.47 cr households
67. Aam Aadmi is the focus of all UPA's schemes
68. Govt to shift to nutrient based fertiliser subsidy regime
69. One banking centre in every bloc
70. Banks, insurance to stay with Govt
71. Raise threshold for non-promoter public listed companies
72. FM recalls Indira Gandhi's bank nationalisation
73. Move towards energy security via Integrated Energy Act
74. Saral-II forms to simplify taxation process
75. An expert panel will look into petroleum product pricing
76. Domestic oil prices must be in sync with global prices
77. Fertiliser subsidy to go directly to farmers
78. Export Credit Guarantee scheme extended till March 2010
79. Pranab Mukherjee quotes Kautilya in Budget speech
80. Incentives in interest rates to farmers to pay back
81. Print media stimulus package extended by six months
82. Target for agriculture credit raised to Rs 3,25,000 cr in 2009-10
83. FIIs have returned to India in last few months
84. Storm-water drainage project fund hiked to Rs 500 cr
85. Blueprint for national gas grid
86. Additional budget allocation to farmers
87. Allocation of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna stepped up by 30%
88. Total fiscal stimulus during '08-09 is Rs 1,86,000 cr
89. Hike in allocation for Mumbai flood management
90. Housing allocation hiked under Rajiv Awaas Yojana
91. Fund allocation for urban poor accommodation is 3,973,000 cr
92. JNNURM allocation hiked by 87 per cent
93. NHAI allocation up by 23 per cent
94. Hike infrastructure investment to over 9% of GDP by 2014
95. IIFCL will refinance 60% of commercial bank loans in PPP
96. Signs of revival in the domestic industry
97. Fiscal stimulus gave economy a boost
98. Govt took 3 stimulus packages to fight slowdown
99. Economic growth is a synergy of states and Centre
100. Significant hike in foreign capital


Real Property Management

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CR Challenger 04/07

Twenty years ago the Republic of Rosinia produced nearly 100 million tons of potatoes, but last year the harvest barely reached 60 million tons. Agricultural researchers, who have failed to develop new higher yielding strains of potatoes, are to blame for this decrease, since they have been concerned only with their own research and not with the needs of Rosinia.

Which one of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends?

(A) Any current attempts by agricultural researchers to develop higher-yielding potato strains are futile.

(B) Strains of potatoes most commonly grown in Rosinia could not have produced the yields last year that they once did.

(C) Agricultural researchers often find concrete solutions to practical problems when investigating seemingly unrelated questions.

(D) Wide fluctuations in the size of the potato crop over a twenty-year period are not unusual.

(E) Agricultural research in Rosinia is funded by government grants.


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2/7 CR Challenger

Further evidence bearing on Jamison’s activities must have come to light. On the basis of previously available evidence alone, it would have been impossible to prove that Jamison was a party to the fraud, and Jamison’s active involvement in the fraud has now been definitively established.
The pattern of reasoning exhibited in the argument above most closely parallels that exhibited in which one of the following?
(A) Smith must not have purchased his house within the last year. He is listed as the owner of that house on the old list of property owners and anyone on the old list could not have purchased his or her property within the last year.
(B) Turner must not have taken her usual train to Nantes today. Had she done so, she could not have been in Nantes until this afternoon, but she was seen having coffee in Nantes at 11 o’clock this morning.
(C) Nofris must have lied when she said that she had not authorized the investigation. There is no doubt that she did authorize it, and authorizing and investigation is not something anyone is likely to have forgotten.
(D) Waugh must have known that last night’s class was canceled. Waugh was in the library yesterday and it would have been impossible for anyone in the library not to have seen the cancellation notices.
(E) LaForte must have deeply resented being passed over for promotion. He maintains otherwise, but only someone who felt badly treated would have made the kind of remark LaForte made at yesterday’s meeting.


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Proud of My College BIT,Mesra

Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, (popularly known as BIT, Mesra or BIT, Ranchi) is an autonomous engineering and technology-oriented institute located in Ranchi, Jharkhand in India. It is a Deemed University under Sec. 3 of the UGC act 1956


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24/6 CR Challenger

An unbiased observer of everyday encounters in Western societies would surely not find many instances of unkindness by people under 65 toward people over 65. There are undoubtedly incidents of unkindness based on age, and these warrant reproof. However, the very fact that such reproof occurs and is generally accepted implies that our Western societies basically respect the elderly. The same conclusion can be drawn from a recent survey finding: 71 percent of the under 65 population agreed with the statement that “people over 65 receive too little respect from society”, while only 44 percent of the over-65 population, the target of the alleged irreverence agreed with it.
The author concludes that Western societies basically respect the elderly partly because
(A) people under 65 are just as kind to people over 65 as they are to people of their own age group
(B) survey data suggest that fewer people over 65 than under 65 get too little respect
(C) disrespect for the elderly does not go so far as to result in actual harm
(D) survey data suggest that people over 65 are more aware of incidents involving disrespect to the elderly than are people under 65
(E) incidents of unkindness to the elderly are neither common nor generally accepted in Western societies
for answers and explanation please see comments



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CR Challenger 16/06

It is illegal to advertise prescription medications in Hedland except in professional medical journals or by mail directly to physicians. A proposed law would allow general advertising of prescription medications. Opponents object that, in general, laypersons lack the specialized knowledge to evaluate such advertisements and might ask their physicians for inappropriate medications. But since physicians have the final say as to whether to prescribe a medication for a patient, the objection provides no grounds for concern.

Which of the following would it be most useful to establish in order to evaluate the argument?

  1. Whether nonprescription medications can interact with and block the action of any prescription medications that could be advertised to the general public
  2. Whether most prescription medication advertisements directed at the general public would be advertisements for recently developed medications newly available by prescription
  3. Whether prescription medication advertisements directed at the general public would appear on television and radio as well as in print
  4. Whether physicians are more likely to pay attention to advertising directed to the general public than to advertising directed to physicians
  5. Whether physicians are likely to succumb to pressure from patients to prescribe inappropriate medications
answer and explanation in comments


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DS Challenger 13/06/2009

At one time, European and Japanese companies tried to imitate their American rivals. Today, American appliance manufacturers import European scientists to lead their research staffs; American automakers design cars that mimic the styling of German, Italian, and French imports; and American electronics firms boast in their advertising of “Japanese-style” devotion to quality and reliability. In the world of high technology, America has lost the battle for international prestige.

Each of the following statements, if true, would help to support the claim above EXCEPT:

(A) An American camera company claims in its promotional literature to produce cameras “as fine as the best Swiss imports.”

(B) An American maker of stereo components designs its products to resemble those of a popular Japanese firm.

(C) An American manufacturer of video games uses a brand name chosen because it sounds like a Japanese word.

(D) An American maker of televisions studies German-made televisions in order to adopt German manufacturing techniques.(E)

(E) An American maker of frozen foods advertises its dinners as “Real European-style entrees prepared by fine French and Italian chefs.”


DS May Challengers

1. Positive Integers p,q, r s such that p <= q <= r <= s, Is p >= 30 ?

1) p+q+r+s = 150

2) 4p>=3s

2. S is a set of consecutive integers, and this sets range = median. what is the number of elements in S ?

1) 5 is the smallest element

2) 15 is the largest element

Answers and explanation in comments.


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DS Challenger Series

#1 If T - S = L - S , does it mean that the T equal L ?
(1) T> 0, L> 0
(2) S <0

#2M, K negative integers. Which of the following must be true?
A. m ^ k <0,
B. m ^ k is an integer
C. m ^ k <= 1

#3 7^n divided by 5 , what is the remainder ? (N, m are positive integers)
(1) n = 4m+1
(2) n = 2m + 3

Please give your answers and explanation in comments.

P.S : OA in comments

Ref: Oct Goodies


new GMAT affects Indians

With so many techies appearing for GMAT, the council wants to make ensure only the best get into these B-schools,

While the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, and Great Lakes, Chennai, use GMAT, four IIMs (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta and Lucknow) use it for their executive management programmes. Some Indian Bschools use the scores only for foreign students. In all, 18,950 students in India took GMAT last year, while 2.46 lakh students appeared for the test worldwide the same year. India saw a 42% rise in the number of students writing the test.It will get tougher as the english used in GMAT is of advanced version.


GMAT more challenging with 300 new questions

Getting that coveted foreign MBA degree has become tougher with Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT), an essential rite of passage for admission to business schools globally — including Harvard, Kellog and Wharton — carrying 33% new questions. In all the five sections, 300 questions have been replaced with tougher ones, the highest being in data sufficiency. The number of questions remains unchanged at 907. 1 month back the new book has come out. Official Guide 12 and it contains many different type of question.

Globally, lakhs of students take GMAT every year for admission to over 1,900 B-schools worldwide, including a few in India. Nearly 20,000 students take the exam in India. What makes it tougher is the way the five sections have been reformatted. The reason for making it tougher, say GMAT analysts, is the increase in number of students taking the test. In the new format, the sentencecorrection section has an increased emphasis on pronoun and modifier rules, while there is reduced focus on comparisons and idiomsrelated questions. In the reading comprehension questions, the Graduate Management Admission Council — the global authority preparing the test papers — has created a balance between short and long passages. Two Biology passages have been replaced with one Social Science passage and one business-related passage. While the number of inference questions has increased significantly, general and specific questions have remained the same. “Roman numeral questions have been removed, indicating GMAT may move away from these. The GMAC spends millions of dollars on research to ensure that only the best students get into these B-schools and they are well-rounded, not just bookish or just good in language. The council keeps reinventing itself,’’ Rashmi Gowda, GMAT analyst and head of CSquare Learnings, a leading GMAT prep institute, told STOI. In the critical reasoning section, 50 questions have been replaced with 50 new ones. There’s a decrease of 19 questions in the problem-solving section. Those poor in Maths can rejoice. There is a reduction in the fraction, decimals and percentage question types. But data sufficiency has undergone the maximum change. “In all, 75 old problems have been replaced with 94 new ones. There’s been a significant reduction in Algebra-related questions and an increase in word translations.

THE CHANGES Sentence correction: 57 new questions Critical reasoning: 50 new questions Reading comprehension: 43 new questions Data sufficiency : 94 new questions Problem-solving: 56 new questions

Reference: Times of India

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Vocab Power Updated Daily

  • COBBLED - Repair or mend
  • ABHORRENCE - Hate coupled with disgust
  • INCUMBENCY - The term during which some position is held
  • MITIGATE -Lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of
  • dubious - Open to doubt or suspicion
  • FOSTERING - Encouragement; aiding the development of something
  • ELICIT- Call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses)
  • PLAUSIBLE - Apparently reasonable and valid, and truthful
  • FORGE - Move ahead steadily
  • BOLSTER (V)-Support and strengthen
  • ECCENTRIC- A person with an unusual or odd personality
  • PATRONAGE - The act of providing approval and support
  • IMPERVIOUS - Not admitting of passage or capable of being affected

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