GMAT CR Challenger 16/08

The number of young adults that are illiterate has dropped significantly in a certain county over the last fifteen years. Education officials attribute this decrease entirely to improved conditions in the schools, which made for a better teaching environment, reducing the level of illiteracy.Which of the following, if true, would most seriously weaken the education officials’ explanation for the lower incidence of the disease?
A) Many similar improvements in school conditions have been made over the last twenty-five years in the county.
B) Home-schooling has not been more prevalent among the illiterate as compared to people who are not illiterate.
C) Because of a new assessment scale, many people who until this year would have been considered illiterate are now considered low-level readers.
D) The same percentage of the population has been tested every year for the last 30 years.
E) The conditions in the schools were brought up to the standards of the neighboring counties twenty years ago

answer and explanation in comments


Srideepa 17/8/09 5:14 AM  

IMO C here.

It points out the flaw that it is not because of improved conditions but because of analysis method , the illeteracy rate is ver low ..

I remember seeing a similar case in OG that deals with disease and hygiene conditions in a village ...

preeti 11/10/11 2:26 AM  

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