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The United Nations General Assembly term runs from September to January. The greatest part of this time is taken up with useless chatter. Delegates debate endlessly, never arriving at decisions. The delegate from each and every 300-square-mile archipelago in the South Pacific must make a lengthy presentation on every topic that reaches the floor, yet almost no attention is paid to solving practical problems that are actually capable of being solved.

The author's argument is based on which one of the following assumptions?

a.The purpose of the General Assembly is to deal with specific practical problems.

b.Too many small states with insignificant problems are members of the General Assembly.

c.If the General Assembly spent less time debating, it would devote most of its attention to providing relief for famine areas.

d.The term of the General Assembly is too short for any important work to be accomplished

e.Members of the General Assembly who are from large countries tend to concentrate more on global issues, rather than on minor topics

answer and explanation in comments


Rinkesh Arondekar 3/9/09 9:58 PM  

i think it's 1. 2,3,5 re-state what is already said. 4 doesn't seems a valid argument.

Anonymous,  5/9/09 5:45 AM  

yup i also go for 1

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