IIM Autonomy under threat?

Though the Bill does have several enabling provisions in making them more accountable, it leaves the question of autonomy in doubt.

The draft Bill seeks to do away with the special emphasis on the IIMs by seeking to declare certain institutes of management to be institutions of national importance to empower them to attain standards of global excellence in management, management research and allied areas of knowledge and to provide for certain other matters connected with such institutions or incidental thereto — the IIMs want the Bill to confine itself to them.
Also, the proposed Bill takes away the powers of the institutes to determine fees by making it subject to prior approval of the government. Lastly, the Bill states that in discharge of its functions, the IIM Board will be accountable to the government, whereas the IIMs envisaged accountability only with respect to legal compliance, financial stability and growth of the institutes.
Please let me know your thoughts about the autonomy.
Source: Hindu

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