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Every fall Croton's jays migrate south. The jays always join flocks of migrating crookbeaks with which they share the summer and winter territories. If a jay becomes separated from the crookbeaks it is accompanying, it wanders until it comes across another flock of crookbeaks. Clearly, therefore, Croton's jays lack the navigational ability to find their way south on their own.

Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the argument above?

A - Croton's jays lay their eggs in the nest of crookbeaks, which breed upon completing their southern migration.
B - The three species of most closely related to crookbeaks do not migrate at all.
C - In the spring, Croton's jays migrate north in the company of Tattersall warblers.
D - Species other than Croton's jays occasionally accompany flocks of migrating crookbeaks.
E - In the spring, crookbeaks migrate north before Croton's jays do.

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The next 4 months 12/11/09 4:04 AM  

A is not the correct answer bcos according the the argument : Jay follows crookbeaks only due to their poor navigational skills. But If A is true , then it would mean that dependence of jays on crookbeaks would be for the nest that crookbeaks build, which doesnt strengthen the argument above.

mba study : gmat /cat 20/11/09 7:17 PM  

how can it be c) "warblers" was never mentioned or hinted in the question

rishi 28/11/09 8:11 PM  

i have the same doubt why c as in question there is no mention of warblers

Anonymous,  24/6/10 5:32 PM  

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