26/11 CR Challenger

Which of the following most logically completes the argument given?

People in isolated rain-forest communities tend to live on a largely vegetarian diet, and
they eat little salt. Few of them suffer from high blood pressure, and their blood pressure
does not tend to increase with age, as is common in industrialized countries. Such people
often do develop high blood pressure when they move to cities and adopt high-salt diets.
Though suggestive, these facts do not establish salt as the culprit in high blood pressure,
however, because ________.
A. genetic factors could account for the lack of increase of blood pressure with age
among such people.
B. people eating high-salt diets and living from birth in cities in industrialized
societies generally have a tendency to have high blood pressure.
C. it is possible to have a low-salt diet while living in a city in an industrialized
country .
D. there are changes in other aspects of diet when such people move to the city.
E. salt is a necessity for human life, and death can occur when the body loses too
much salt .

Answer and explanation in comments,


newnaren 27/11/09 7:44 AM  

Answer must be D, because there are clearly other factors such a build up of bad cholesterol, due to intake of fatty, non -veg foods such as lamb,beef, chicken,pizzas etc, which may cause high blood pressure in city setting. Therefor salt alone can not be singled out as the sole cause of high blood pressure. D states it forthrightly.

Manisha 27/11/09 10:32 AM  
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