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An unbiased observer of everyday encounters in Western societies would surely not find many instances of unkindness by people under 65 toward people over 65. There are undoubtedly incidents of unkindness based on age, and these warrant reproof. However, the very fact that such reproof occurs and is generally accepted implies that our Western societies basically respect the elderly. The same conclusion can be drawn from a recent survey finding: 71 percent of the under 65 population agreed with the statement that “people over 65 receive too little respect from society”, while only 44 percent of the over-65 population, the target of the alleged irreverence agreed with it.
The author concludes that Western societies basically respect the elderly partly because
(A) people under 65 are just as kind to people over 65 as they are to people of their own age group
(B) survey data suggest that fewer people over 65 than under 65 get too little respect
(C) disrespect for the elderly does not go so far as to result in actual harm
(D) survey data suggest that people over 65 are more aware of incidents involving disrespect to the elderly than are people under 65
(E) incidents of unkindness to the elderly are neither common nor generally accepted in Western societies
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Madhur 24/6/09 2:00 AM  

Did this recently, D

Rinkesh Arondekar 25/6/09 6:28 AM  

i also think its E....as others don't even seem to be factually correct as per the given statement.

Anonymous,  24/6/10 5:32 PM  

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