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My friend was looking for a job in the executive level and was having a hard time in that search, he was not alone in that search, many people are searching jobs.
There are so many places on the internet to find the right job . But not sure which is an authenticate and useful one. I have found a very good company, called Lightship Research. Lightship Research is a well-known Chicago-based research and recruiting. It helps jobseekers, hiring authorities, recruiters since 1982. They provide direct access to the candidate and hiring authorities. They will identify potential candidates within competitor companies and provide you with their names, titles, and direct lines.This is a good place for employers and job hunters So if looking for a job do visit there site.


Anonymous,  3/4/09 8:09 PM  

This comapny is a fraud. There have had 3 names in two years. Go to and search Lightship or MMI or Marston Mills. You can also look at and search on 312/616-9954 and see what real people think of father/daughter team Jim Johnston and Elizabeth Johnston Karkowski

These are not good people.


newman 10/8/09 12:09 PM  

Lightship Research - thanks for your support! Your approach is refreshing, compared to all the other service providers, and you delivered far more than I expected. I've already received quite a few callbacks and I have two job offers in the works - and it's only been 4 weeks since my mailings went out.

N. Newman

Anonymous,  24/6/10 6:19 PM  

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Anonymous,  7/12/10 3:15 AM  

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