AIM GD/PI Experince

MY GD/PI experience
2:00 - 2:25 pm, 8th March 2010 GD
4:50 - 5:10 pm, 8th March 2010 Interview

Reached Taj by 1.30 pm, met the other 6 candidates Shresht, Gaurav, Rangarajan, Anmol and Rajeev
Horacio Borromeo had called us to a conference room , The room was very elegant . We were seated in order of the interview slots. He gave us a topic.

How does technological advancement change the workplace arrangement?

It was a different kind of GD. Horacio Borromeo was himself conducting the GD. In the sense, he gave us topic and gave us 10 min to make your points and then he will tell to start.
He told us to raise hand and then he will allow us to speak.
Initially I was seeing the person talking but everyone was looking at the proof seeking a chance to the GD I spoke for around 3-4 times.
Borromeo was trying to question our explanations, but the GD was very organized though we could not discuss many points.
Total GD was sharp 45 mins.
It was a very different kind of GD, Just be sure you have few points and you have enough to back it up.

PI was very normal.

As I entered he asked how did you think the GD went ?
I answered!

Do you think it was good.
I answered!

He asked about my work experience?
I answered!

How many team members I lead?
I answered!

He asked me how am I in maths?
I answered!

Do know financing and accounting?
I answered!

I had mentioned about weight loss in my essay, so he asked in details about the same?
I gave a long answer, which included my business plan, why mba and why AIM.

What you do in weekend?
I told I meet my friends and go to mosque .Do charity work. Sunday I rest and prepare myself for the next week.

Then he asked why u go to mosque only in weekends?
Explained the time constraint in weekday

He asked any questions?
I asked him when will the results come out?

He asked will you take a sabbatical?
I answered!

How will you finance?
I answered!

I have written a very brief experience but if you have any particular question please ping me, i am ready to help all the aspirants.


Ajay 3/5/10 11:23 AM  

Very useful information...thnx for this stuff!!

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