Indian-American named Harvard B-school dean

An Indiaborn professor and IIT alumnus who has long championed a pledge for organizational leaders and managers on the lines of the Hippocra Oath for doctors to enhance accountability in the corporate world has been named dean of the prestigious Harvard Business School.
Nitin Nohria, 48, is the 10th Dean at Harvard Business School and the first Indian to head it in its 102-yr history 
Nohria did his BTech from IIT-Bombay in 1984, and got a PhD in management in 1988 from MIT’s Sloan School of management 

    Began teaching at HBS as asst prof in 1988, named Richard P Chapman Professor of Business Administration in 1999. Currently sr associate dean for faculty development and chair of organizational behaviour unit 
    Has co-written or co-edited 16 books, authored more than 50 articles. Interests include leadership and globalization. Has proposed Hippocratic Oath for business leaders


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  • COBBLED - Repair or mend
  • ABHORRENCE - Hate coupled with disgust
  • INCUMBENCY - The term during which some position is held
  • MITIGATE -Lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of
  • dubious - Open to doubt or suspicion
  • FOSTERING - Encouragement; aiding the development of something
  • ELICIT- Call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses)
  • PLAUSIBLE - Apparently reasonable and valid, and truthful
  • FORGE - Move ahead steadily
  • BOLSTER (V)-Support and strengthen
  • ECCENTRIC- A person with an unusual or odd personality
  • PATRONAGE - The act of providing approval and support
  • IMPERVIOUS - Not admitting of passage or capable of being affected

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