Making A US Dollar Draft

I had a tough time making a US Dollar draft to confirm my AIM admission. Few pointers to help people making the draft .

1. The Foreign exchange is open only till 3.30 pm, Do if you to bank around 3 or latter, don't accept to get the draft the same day.
2. Carry tour ID proof and College offer letter along with you.
3. Be ready to fill a 10+ page declaration/form.
4. Many branches don't have foriegn exchange, do call them and inquire before going, I had been to three banks before getting the correct branch.
5. Its better to get a draft from the bank in which you have account, the charges will be less. In ICICI bank they took 250+ S.T
6. Meet the bank manager directly, the work gets done faster.
Attaching a picture to help you understand better.


Anonymous,  24/5/10 10:30 PM  

Very informative

Anonymous,  24/6/10 5:38 PM  

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