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As of my experience I got placed in Hewlett Packard from my college and had lots of hope and aspirations to excel in IT. But after working for a year, realized that IT is not my cup of tea as I had dreams of starting my own company b-fit, so started preparing for CAT 2007 seriously from november 2006, I had joined the time coaching class and was following things properly .But things did not work out as my AIMAT mock exams score were very low. I was looking for all options of MBA in 2008 in India and Asia, Came across IIFT which takes GMAT score, So I thought lets give GMAT a try, though that the GMAT preparation will help in my verbal for english also, So had taken a date of october 26th,2007. I had prepared very hard for GMAT but it was not effective enough and I get real bad score and was depressed for around 3 days and then geared up for CAT , I was giving some mock exams and analysing previous CAT papers, CAT 2007 also went bad for me as I did silly mistake in quants and verbal was a blow. After so much preparation and giving these two exams, I realized that my verbal sucks. Kept giving all exams like JMET , SNAP , NMAT, IBSAT,XAT and SPJAT, I had a few interview calls like SP jain Dubai, IBS,AIM and IMT Dubai . I converted IBS and IMT Dubai , but the college I wanted, SP jain Dubai and AIM , gave me a reject. Will tell you about my AIM,manila story in other post. By Febuary 2008 things were clear and there was work pressure too. Actually I had taken 2 months leave for CAT and GMAT which caused lot of negative effect in my workplace, So FEB 2008 was a crucial time to gain back the confidence to stay in the company, So gave a break to GMAT/MBA preparation for 2 months and then joined princeton for GMAT, It helped me alot by giving me confidence and making me meet like minded people. I really geared up for GMAT and had taken Augut 2nd 2008 as the date , preparations were more systematic this time I had given and analyzed tests properly, was carefull with silly mistakes and pacing. I had made some improvements on the test day but was not at all enough, I had got 580 Maths a 48 which is 91 percentile good enough and verbal was 21, As the 1st RC took me down, I have written about the GMAT experience in Detail in Previous post . After that was again in state of dispair, again work related problems my project got completed and I was compelled to take a project soon or quit, So was pressurized to take a maintanence project, settled there and slowly identified on what I had to improve, Sentence correction was aware of outlook but had to basics so read Grammer for Dummies , For critical reasoning was reading PowerScore and RC was going through economic times editorial and some sites like ( and . Was planning to give again in October starting after Ramadhan, but it got postponded and finally have taken date on 12th November for Jan 13th,2009, After that had become little serious with schedule and routines,Will Discuss those in some Other Posts.


indra putu achyar 1/12/08 5:24 AM  

hello friend,
I do not have to stop here, how you doing today?
good luck for you... and do not forget to smile every time I visit here.

Mohammad Arshad 2/12/08 11:35 AM  

Thanks for ur good comments

private 4/12/08 9:41 PM  

helo.. i like information n education

university 4/12/08 9:42 PM  

nice blog... many information

Mohammad Arshad 15/12/08 12:06 PM  

thanks all for your valuable comments

nipul,  20/6/09 12:00 PM  

this is a very good blog for mba aspirants , i got many help from this blog . keep it up , just blog blog blog .

i got another blog also at the following url :
this blog also comprises many things myself nipul shah

Anonymous,  18/2/10 9:33 PM  

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nisha,  23/9/10 10:53 PM  

The posts so far have been great - hoping for some more.

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