GMAT Quotes 2

This continuation of GMAT quotes from previous post do read and get motivated

“The #1 rule of approaching GMAT questions is QUALITY, not quantity”

“One mistake I recently made is not paying attention to what is being asked.”

“Here are some common strategic errors you can make: I got that question right. I dont care if I guessed. I dont need to review the explanation or take a second look at it.”

“Frustrating will not do a thing for you. If you really want to tame this beast, then sit down and study it until it is not mysteriously frustrating any more. “

“I am probably the biggest proponent of the benefits of solving hard problems”AkamaiBrah
“AWA does count, not only in the eyes of those who will be reviewing your application but in the in the overall manner in which you manage your energy.”

“If you see a problem that looks really hard and you know it is going to take a ton of time to work through it and even then you might not get it right, just skip it.”

“your training involves two goals: 1) learning WHAT to study, and 2) studying that.”

“a key to getting a high score is probably working quickly and efficiently through very difficult questions”

“Today, I took the real exam. This is a score I never in my wildest dreams thought I could get.”


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Vocab Power Updated Daily

  • COBBLED - Repair or mend
  • ABHORRENCE - Hate coupled with disgust
  • INCUMBENCY - The term during which some position is held
  • MITIGATE -Lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of
  • dubious - Open to doubt or suspicion
  • FOSTERING - Encouragement; aiding the development of something
  • ELICIT- Call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses)
  • PLAUSIBLE - Apparently reasonable and valid, and truthful
  • FORGE - Move ahead steadily
  • BOLSTER (V)-Support and strengthen
  • ECCENTRIC- A person with an unusual or odd personality
  • PATRONAGE - The act of providing approval and support
  • IMPERVIOUS - Not admitting of passage or capable of being affected

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