More GMAT Taker in India

The number of GMAT takers in India is growing every year. And experts predict the number to grow at between 20 to 25% over the next three to five years. Here�s what�s attracting Indians towards this international test.
From less than six thousand in 2001, to over 16,000 last year, the number of Indians opting for GMAT, is increasing every year. Out of the two lakh people taking GMAT every year across the world, about 5% are from India. Experts say the number of GMAT takers in India is growing at 20% per annum already.
Chad Troutwine, Co-Founder, Veritas Prep said, "It’s one of the 5 most popular in the world. It’s also the fastest growing. Just three years ago, less than 10,000 students took the GMAT exam in India, so it’s not only an ideal market, it’s the fastest growing. And, we think, it could also be an indicator where growth could be in other countries in Asia”.
Experts say, the number of GMAT takers from India, will continue to grow at 20 to 25% per annum for the next 3 to 5 years. The increasing interest from Indians to study abroad is cited to be the main reason for this growth. But that’s not all.
Nikhil Mahajan, MD, Career Launcher said, 3 to 4 of the IIMs have launched a one-year executive program, which used GMAT score as their entry criteria. ISB is probably the biggest GMAT user within the Indian market”.
With this increasing interest, not only from students but from educational institutions as well, GMAT it seems has taken off in India.
Reference: moneycontrol


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