Personalized Motorcycle

2 years back, I remember Saman enjoying so much her motorcyle when we first got it. Well, her love for her motorcycle hasn't withered. In fact, she always love riding it every afternoon. I am pretty sure she would have more fun on it when we moved to the dreamhouse as there are very few cars as well passing by our street.
Yesterday, I saw her like checking out the bottom of her motorcyle. When I asked her what is wrong, she said, she had a flat tire! It was so funny. She was play pretending being a mechanic. Gee, she sometimes love doing some boys activities, huh. She was even telling me that she would get some yamaha motorcycle parts so she could have cruise control. What? I can't believe what I heard actually. Well, apparently, her playmate in our neighbor who is a boy happens to have a motorcycle as well. They have been play pretending that they have been fixing their motorcycle parts and they have been accessorizing it.
Now, I am thinking actually to get another one so Sana can also use one when we moved to the new house. Cruiser customizing site has lots of options of many bikes like Harley, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki. They offer good discount too.


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