process of getting Attestation

The process of getting Attestation at bangalore

1. So now you have got your PCC, the next step is attesttaion. go to MS building 1 , 1st floor 4 th room from the right.

2. Get a form from them for attestion.

3. Fill the form and go to MS building 5, bangalore one and do the payment of 105 Rs

4. get back the filled form and recipt to same place of step 1 and submot the same. He will give you a filled form in kannada and pcc.

5. Submit this copy at passport office koromongala.Everything will be done at enquiry counter itself, This is a lenghty process as you know the rush there. keep 5 hrs for this work. They will confirm that the pcc you submit is original.

6. after 7-10 days go to MS building room no. 224 and collect your attested PCC.

if any speciific doubt get in touch with me.


Anonymous,  9/8/10 11:02 PM  

Nice fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.

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