My friend has recently joined GEMS B SCHOOL. It is conceived by experienced academicians and inspired by accomplished professionals, is a mission initiated with the exclusive purpose of "Igniting Excellence" in young minds. Its focus is on creating leaders and not just developing managers. Its vision is to elevate the standards of management education with a curriculum that is robust, content rich and industry relevant.

The Courses and methodology are designed to be student friendly and at the same time matching global standards. GEMS B SCHOOL's strategic alliance with UK Universities and synergy with corporates enables students to have an internationally acclaimed post graduate degree/diploma fortified with real time industry exposure. Its campus, located in the heart of Bangalore city, amidst sylvan surroundings, in the precincts of the Bangalore palace, offers an un-paralleled ambience which is stimulating and soothing. Studying here is going to be an experience of a life time.

They have a unique program of working full time and doing MBA in weekends.

School Url:


hari 25/8/10 9:55 AM  

there are plenty of facts which does not match their claim in their web site.

1. south asia university is accredited by WCODES a distance education society, then how come they are offering full time degree.

2. Even Google does not seem to know WCODES. The nearest it gives is world council of distance learning schools which is unrecognized

3. SAP education partners ...... SAP does not thing so

4. united nations global compact is not a education body

5. PRIME actually it is PRME does not accredit south asia university or GEMS b School

Marketing Jobs 9/9/10 4:02 AM  

Nice information. Thanks hari for your points on B Schools..


Mba Jobs 9/9/10 4:30 AM  

Its vision is to elevate the standards of management education with a curriculum that is robust, content rich and industry relevant.

pis 6/10/10 10:31 PM  

nice.... i can also provide some more about Bschools.........

kunal 10/11/10 11:54 PM  

I would suggest to student to not get carried away by such comments made by people like Hari. I am a student of GEMS B SCHOOL and everything that they have promised is absolutely true. They are Very much recignised by UNC, PRME,VSTE etc. Most of the time people like hari are from other colleges trying to damage the image of a college. SAP is very much our Education partner. Please visit the college and see with your own eyes as to how the faculty, infrastructure, placements etc are.

Jagath 19/11/10 4:50 AM  

What about the Placements at GEMS and also the salary and kind of companies recruting?

Joy 19/11/10 10:43 PM  

Hi Jagath, I am Joy. I am Doing my MBA with GEMS B SCHOOL, Bangalore. The Placements are just too good. I was placed with a multi national company called MyItGroup in less than 10 days after joining. Our college is tied up with over 120 companies as on date which includes companies like IBM, Wipro, JP Morgan, Genpact, Dell etc. The salary will range between 8000 and 25000 Rs per month depending on ur skills, degree, percentage etc.

Jagath 20/11/10 2:04 AM  

Thanks a lot joy. Can you give me an idea of the stature of GEMS. How do companies look at your college?

Joy 20/11/10 2:24 AM  
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Joy 20/11/10 2:25 AM  

Well jagath. GEMS B SCHOOL is present in 8 locations in india with more than 800 students. They work with almost 200 companies for placements across all their centres. They are also the Education partners of SAP and Network 18. I don't think so many big brands would tie up with them if they didn't look at GEMS as a world class institution

Jagath 20/11/10 11:16 PM  

How difficult or easy is it to do the course as we are working for 5 days and stdying for 2 days?

Joy 20/11/10 11:39 PM  

Jagath, the course is designed for working proffesionals. Hence, it is not very tough and all that. The faculty are superb, so its manageable. no problems

Jagath 28/11/10 11:07 PM  

Is the Degree offerd in gems recognised by UGC and Govt of india?

Joy 28/11/10 11:28 PM  

You will be awarded with a twin MBA degree, one International MBA Degree and one UGC/ Govt of India Recognised Indian MBA degree. It is absolutely valid. Our seniors are working in many companies after passing out from here

Anonymous,  30/11/10 3:54 AM  

hello sir,
I am interested in doing industry synergised mba from gems b school. i have completed my graduation in B.E Electronics and Communication. I have a few queries about the school. It will be helpful if you could pls answer these questions.
1. To which university is this school affliated..?
2. what is the eligibility criteria for industry synergised mba..?
3. what is the process of admission
4. what is the last date for 2011-13 batch admission..?
5. where will the summer internships be held..?
6. how many seats are available for hr and international business..??
7. during exams how will the work schedule be managed..?
8. Since i have completed my engineering what is the salary tat i can expect wen i get placed.
Kindly requesting you to help me out....

aks4487 30/11/10 4:57 AM  

industry synergised MBA is a really good program forgraduates.
its affiliated to south asia university, UK.
i m doing the same course from GEMS
for any information regarding the college and course u can mail me at

Jagath 3/12/10 12:09 AM  

Hi Friends, i got a little carried away after reading the first comment in this Blog by Mr. Hari, After which i throughly checked on various aspects by visiting the college more than 6 times and talking to a lot of my professors and Cousins, friends working in many companies. What i found is GEMS B SCHOOL is really the Education Partner of SAP and South Asia University is a good university which is well recognised. UNC, PRME and VSTE are bodies which very well certify South Asia university and are listed on their website as well. I would reccommend students like me to freely take this course without any doubts.

Harsh,  6/12/10 12:15 PM  

what is the eligibility criteria for industry synergised mba..?

what is the process of admission???

what is the last date for 2011-13 batch admission..?
do reply me on the blog or my id plzzz

Anindita 6/12/10 9:59 PM  

thanks jagath for your comment about gems b school. i am also search in internet about this institute. and i found that industry synirgised mba programe is the very good programe.and i am trying to take admission there.

rama 7/12/10 11:44 PM  

The eligibility Critera is, you have to be a graduate or a 12+3 diploma or a 10+3 diploma with more than 5 years work experience. Apart from that there will be an informal personal interview to check on ur communication skills. Thats it, no written exams and cut off percentages. Its very student friendly.

Pratik 8/12/10 11:15 PM  

Hi I am a 5th semester computer science engineering student in V.T.U with 70% aggregate till now.
I am planning to do an MBA and heard about GEM B-school from a friend,
I want to know whether Industry Synergised MBA is really good.
I want to know about the placement facility provided for this program.
Can v do sap certification using this program.
And fees and process of selection and method of applying to it.

Anonymous,  9/12/10 10:18 PM  

Hello, my name is Amritha and I am a student of Gems B School. I am really shocked by the first comment on this blog. Where did this person get all this wrong information from? Anyway, i must say that the course i am doing here, the industry synergised MBA is awesome. It worked out very well for me.

Placements happen so quickly. Although it depends from student to student, i was placed in a week.

I think you guys who are interested should visit the college personally to see how great it is. Or you can also call their counselor on +91 98809 26611.

aditya,  13/12/10 9:59 PM  

hi this is adi from orissa i passed out my be in computer science this year . i got a message from gems b school regarding industries synirgised mba ,do these kind of mba really have values and do bank give lone for carrying out mba over here.
also give me some information regarding placements after completion of course.

joe 16/12/10 3:37 AM  

Hi Adithya, Talking about bank loans, SBI has approved my loan and i have received a letter of approval. The DD will be posted to the college directly. If SBI can give, i think any bank will give.

rahul 16/12/10 3:50 AM  

The Degree definitely has a lot of value. I have spoken with some students who have already passed out from this college and they are working in different companies without any issues. After completion you can continue working with the same company or move to someother company by taking placement assisstance from the college.

Prashanth 18/12/10 12:20 AM  

Hey joe & Jagath & everyone commenting,

Could you guys share the fee structure for "industry synergised MBA program" !?? Thanks

Jagath 21/12/10 4:06 AM  

Its 2,80,000 + Taxes payable in 8 instalments

aditya,  21/12/10 8:49 PM  

what is the min package students get after passing out from this college

Jagath 22/12/10 2:38 AM  

Aditya, You can expect a salary between 35k and 40K 2 years later because current students who have passed out are earning between 25k and 30K

Prashanth 22/12/10 10:27 PM  

Thanks Jagath .. any idea about the last date to apply !?

Jagath 22/12/10 11:24 PM  

No Idea Prashanth. The batch starts in Jan so i suggest you close it before the end of this month. Best thing to do is keep in touch with archit. He is the one who handles this program.

Anonymous,  24/12/10 5:40 AM  


In one of the coversation i saw they are giving two degree's one from UK and the other is UGC recognised, india.

Can i know, from which university of India do we get the degree?

Jagath 2/1/11 11:02 PM  

It is South Asia University in UK and NIMS University in jaipur.

mani 5/1/11 8:11 AM  

i'm manikandan.i'm doing final year b,sc(c.s).i want to know about mba industial safety.amd also tell about gems b school.what about the't regular class

Anonymous,  12/1/11 10:48 AM  

hello!! m a final yr student of bsc(microbiology)...whats the difference between industry synergised mba and industry synergised mba II.....i hav gone through the course structure...but still i want to know the main difference between the two???? which wud be better for me???

Anonymous,  13/1/11 3:40 AM  

Hey, the Industry Synergised MBA 1 is where you work and study from day 1. This program is offered in Bnagalore, Chennai and hyderabad. The industry synergised MBA 2 is where you study the 1st year and work and study the 2nd year. This program is oferred in Tier-2 cities only like Mysore, Pondicherry etc. I personally suggest the 1st program because you get an MBA with 2 years work experience instaed of 1.

RoMeO RoCkS 20/1/11 1:29 AM  

My name is Jerin & I am a final yr. student. I completed my course in March 2011. Can u pls give details about admission procedures to Gems B school Banglore?

srityada 20/1/11 5:40 PM  

hai will we get the full time mba certificate or distance certificate

joe 27/1/11 2:08 AM  

@ Jerin: Hey, its going to be a little difficult for me to explain the whole program to you here on this blog. So please get in touch with the student relations executive, Archit, on 09880926611 to learn more about the program. However, i can say that its a superb program and i would recommend it, as i am also doing it. The placements and the faculty are the best i have ever come across.

2 Srityada: Its a full time Degree.

Anonymous,  8/2/11 6:56 PM  

hey ,
can any out give me names of some companies where students are working at the time of education and after education and what is the package they are being offered with

Anonymous,  10/2/11 11:36 PM  

Hey, i met a few students this last weekend when i had gone for an enquiry to the college. They are working with companies like Wipro, IBM, JP Morgan, Northern Trust, Tesco etc. They are all earning salries around 15-20K per month. I think its a good course. If anybodyb else knows anything more, please post.

Anonymous,  20/2/11 4:49 AM  

but the official website doesnt mention approval of UGC...
m still not convinced about the recognition of this course...
please explain!

Anonymous,  21/2/11 2:53 AM  

Hey, It is definitely mentioned that it's a UGC recognised degree in the official website, Please read through it carefully. Its in paragraph 4 in the respective program details. You got me worried for a moment....hahahaha. nothing to worry, take it easy.

Anonymous,  21/2/11 9:01 AM  

what about the south asia university?
the website of south asia university says its for distance how is GEMS b-school offering a full-time degree??

Anonymous,  23/2/11 10:46 PM  

Hey thats a good question because i had a similar concern. The reply i got was, South Asia University is very big globally in the distance education space and they are heavily promoting it on their website. But, they also offer part time and full time courses. The program offered by GEMS B SCHOOL is full time for sure. The best way to clear this out is for you to visit the college and have a look at the certificate which very clearly shows its full time and alternatively you can also write to the university directly can clarify. Thats what i did and i got a positive response to many of my questions and only then i was convinced. The reason why you get a full time degree here even though u attend classes only on Sat and Sun is because, learning the course practically through a job for 5 days and classroom for 2 days is a part of the course curriculum and its mandatory.

Anonymous,  26/2/11 3:05 AM  

thanks a lot! :)
that did help me clear a lot of doubts...
i can now be 90% sure of taking admn into gems b-school...

santhosh 28/2/11 7:35 AM  

i would like to know after completing IS mba[gembschool] will they provide overseas placement as mentioned by official website .
what is the success percent of getting a abroad placement, have some one been gone to abroad placed by gemsbschool. please respond to my comment because i am planning to join in june 2011.
AWAITED BY REPLY.joe,Jagath or someone else.
thank you (santhosh).

santhosh 28/2/11 7:35 AM  

i would like to know after completing IS mba[gembschool] will they provide overseas placement as mentioned by official website .
what is the success percent of getting a abroad placement, have some one been gone to abroad placed by gemsbschool. please respond to my comment because i am planning to join in june 2011.
AWAITED BY REPLY.joe,Jagath or someone else.
thank you (santhosh).

santhosh 28/2/11 7:36 AM  

i would like to know after completing IS mba[gembschool] will they provide overseas placement as mentioned by official website .
what is the success percent of getting a abroad placement, have some one been gone to abroad placed by gemsbschool. please respond to my comment because i am planning to join in june 2011.
AWAITED BY REPLY.joe,Jagath or someone else.
thank you (santhosh).

Jagath 9/3/11 10:00 PM  

Hi Santosh, Honestly speaking, GEMS B SCHOOL is in the process of strengthning is overseas placement cell. The reason its taking time is because it is a complicated process as it involves getting work Visa and so on. As of now i know of about 4 people who are working abroad and may be there are a few more. But, in India they are very very strong when it comes to placements.

santhosh 10/3/11 6:13 AM  

hello i want to know the fees for SAP ERP certification with MBA advantage[gemsbschool],what is the duration of SAP abap course in gemsbschool and what type of internship will they provide for sap erp course what will be the salary for sap students placed by this college while still studying the MBA.
please tell me the structure of this mba and sap course.
please respond to the above mssg.
thank you.

My family 15/3/11 11:37 PM  

I have done my graduation through correspondence, so will i be eligible to join industry synergised mba at gems?

mi2n 10/4/11 7:45 AM  

hi guys,
im mithun,
I am in 8th sem of E&C engineerin and im planning to take up industry syn MBA wit info tech as stream
iv got couple of questions

1) is ther jan batch for MBA

2) heard industry snc MBA r offred only in mysore and pondo, true?

and if u r a student please mail me at
got many more questions to shoot at....

Anonymous,  12/4/11 7:08 AM  

i have written my 2nd p.u (12th ) exams and planning to go for bba in Gems B school and i want to know the fees structure.kindly help me please


Anonymous,  13/4/11 6:14 AM  

@ Santosh: The MBA with SAP is a wonderful program. I will reccommend it. It has amazing placements and salary packages upto 6 lacks per annum. Other details talk to the college directly yaar. Not too sure.

@ Mithun: there is a batch in June. Thats the closest for you.

@ Sonal: Not sure about the fee structure. The student counsellor, Archit 9880926611, can help you with that information. I have seen the program model and its beautiful. Lot of very important concepts are taught to you in association from the industry.



Anonymous,  13/4/11 6:19 AM  

And ya Mithun, the IS mBA is offered in Bangalore also

Anonymous,  19/4/11 1:00 AM  

Hey i am a PG engineering much salary i can expect after doing IS MBA program and while doing the program??

Anonymous,  2/5/11 1:07 AM  

15 K Plus

manish 5/5/11 2:37 AM  

with 3yrs of corporate experience and 2yrs others. I'm planning to pursue MBA now..I heard abt Gems B School.. It places students immediately after admission. Wanted to know more on the profile of the student placed.. Is it CC or BPO?? How abt the fiinal placements after the course is completed .. Is it 100%?? Please advice .. Thanks

Anonymous,  5/5/11 2:37 AM  

with 3yrs of corporate experience and 2yrs others. I'm planning to pursue MBA now..I heard abt Gems B School.. It places students immediately after admission. Wanted to know more on the profile of the student placed.. Is it CC or BPO?? How abt the fiinal placements after the course is completed .. Is it 100%?? Please advice .. Thanks

Anonymous,  5/5/11 2:38 AM  

with 3yrs of corporate experience and 2yrs others. I'm planning to pursue MBA now..I heard abt Gems B School.. It places students immediately after admission. Wanted to know more on the profile of the student placed.. Is it CC or BPO?? How abt the fiinal placements after the course is completed .. Is it 100%?? Please advice .. Thanks

Anonymous,  5/5/11 2:52 AM  

Hi...I’m a graduate (2005 – 06) from Bangalore university, with 3yrs of corporate experience and 2yrs others. I'm planning to pursue MBA now. I heard abt Gems B School.. It places students immediately after admission. Wanted to know more on the profile of the student placed.. Is it CC or BPO?? How abt the final placement after the course is completed... Is it 100%?? . I have a few more queries about the school. It will be helpful if you could pls answer these questions.

1. what is the process of admission
2. what is the last date for 2011-13 batch admission..?
3. where will the summer internships be held..?
4. how many seats are available for Finance and Banking..??
5. How is the school different from other schools like the IIM’s, and other best schools in terms of teaching, projects, case studies, other activities etc

Request you to please help on the above queries… Thanks..

Romie 6/5/11 1:13 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Romie 6/5/11 1:14 AM  

Hey hi..i just read your article. it's really good. i appreciate your work. Thank you for such a nice Information.

MBA Placement 2011

Hari Prasad 25/5/11 12:21 PM  
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Anonymous,  29/5/11 3:58 AM  

hi,i am SUMAN,
I want 2 do MBA in Media & Entertainment from "GEMS B School...
but i don't know whether this institute is good or worst.
so, anybody tell me this institute is good for media studies ??

Anonymous,  29/5/11 8:07 AM  

is anyone doing sap+ mba at gems b-school interning with unisoft?
coz they promised 3months of internship...but i didn't find anyone who has completed the certification?
so wud like to ask:
plz reply....

Anonymous,  30/5/11 6:11 AM  

@ Suman: Hey, The college is good. You get an internship with Network 18 also for this course. Some of my friends are doing this course and now they are working with zee tv and Network 18n after completion of this course, which is brilliant, don't you think???????

@ The last Anonymous post: I personally know of a few guys who are interning with Unisoft and i am sure the college can give you their numbers.......... ask them for the details.

Anonymous,  30/5/11 11:49 PM  

Can anyone tell wat did it cost to complete the MBA course.

Anonymous,  1/6/11 1:52 AM  

i'm "SUMAN"
Thanks 2 "Anonymous" person who answer my questions....thanks again...
i want 2 know that gems b school provide any laptop 2 media & Entertainment students...what's da total fee of 2 year course in media & entertainment course....or full time course or distance/part time ??

"Anonymous" person who answer my question.....i want 2 ask u that u told me that some friends of ur get job in zee tv & network, can u give me phone no. of those students ?? will be helpful if u give da info ...

sharolyn,  3/6/11 12:09 AM  

they say in gems b school they give a degree for corporate mba that is recognized by the nims university which is aicte/ugc recognized. but in nims website they say its a university so aicte approval is not necessary for them...then how come the degree offered in gems b school aicte recognized

deepak 6/6/11 9:16 PM  

i hve planned to do indutry synergised... i hve finished mechanical engg..... wat wil be the minimum salary i wil get wen i m studying dis course and after finishing?????

Anonymous,  7/6/11 8:45 AM  

guys plz don't take admission in media & entertainment couse which is offer by bangalore gems b school.......most worst course in gems b schhol.............plz
they did not give proper placement to media students........
most worst course i ever seen in india...don't waste ur money in this course....plz don't waste ur money...
plz open ur eyes don't trust gems b mba in media & entertainment course is worst.....don't do it........

Anonymous,  8/6/11 12:07 AM  

gems b schhol is a big cheater school.....

Anonymous,  8/6/11 12:12 AM  

plz guys don't do "global mba in media & entertainment course which is offers by gems b school,bangalore......
most 3rd class course......didn't give proper placement to media student......they do da same thing to me....wake up......don't waste ur money to do this course.....big fraud schhol of india is gems b school.......

vidhya,  12/6/11 12:04 AM  

hai im so intrested to join GEMS b school. but i wanted to know whether MBA banking technology is offered there.and fees structure for this course.

Anonymous,  14/6/11 3:42 AM  

I would like to Ask Mr. Anonymous who has done the media and Ent course in GEMS and hasn't got the placement and is so disappointed, that, the first batch of M & E students have just completed their exams 3 weeks back and their placements have just started, then how come you are so disappointed without even attending enough interviews and getting your results??????????? Please explain

Anonymous,  14/6/11 3:49 AM  

Please don't get influenced by what such losers have to say. Check for yourself properly by visiting the college and talking to a few students

Raj 15/6/11 4:04 AM  

Hi Folks,

I would like to know about the stuents who are placed into any company from GEMS B School. And also i would like to know about the fee structure for synergised MBA.

Anonymous,  21/6/11 9:43 AM  

hi... m plannin 2 join gems b school,thanks 4 the reviews, m impressed. but i need a few clarifications
wat r the placement activities tat r carried out in IS[MBA]?
m a BE graduate in CS so wat salary can i expect n can i choose it management? pls help me

Anonymous,  21/6/11 9:48 AM  

sorry its IT mgmt


Anonymous,  22/6/11 12:57 AM  

Hi Jahanavi,

The placement will depend on your caliber and the salary could be between 10000 and 25000 per month to start with.

Rajesh,  22/6/11 5:09 AM  

I would like to know about people who are studying and as well as working. Can anyone please share details like phone number or email id. iam planning to join..

Please help me friends...


Anonymous,  23/6/11 11:30 PM  

when does july 2011 batch fr mba+sap start?

Anonymous,  24/6/11 3:47 AM  

Hi Rajesh, get in touch with the college and they would share some numbers with you for sure.

The admissions for MBA july 2011 have closed as the batch is full. Please apply for the Septemeber 2011 batch. However, you can start you SAP immediately, even though ur classes for MBA will start in September.



Anonymous,  27/6/11 10:52 PM  


IS it good to join MBA in IT in this JEMS B SCHOOL......? can i get some of the passout or present student's contact no or E-mail id for some details.....

DNM,  27/6/11 10:54 PM  

Is it true that they ll place when we join for MBA cource in JEMS B SCHOOL......

Waiting for repley from JEMS STUDENTS......


cliona,  30/6/11 12:31 AM  

if its so easy to get a job thru ur school then y is it that many of them are not opting ur school n even ur strength is less..

now-a-days people r in grt need of job so many gather wer they can get one..
based on this ur school shud b holdin upto thousands of students passed ot jus in hyd?

these r d que tht hit me.. by d way is it genuine n is d degree certificate u give valid thru ot india?

i was so interested 2 join ur col bt ppl say such ones r nt genuine..

cliona,  30/6/11 12:49 AM  

cliona here again...

there is no admission process n they say direct admission in2 a b school tht for sure is givin a job of decent package..

direct admission.. thy r nt even testin d quality of d student n tht student is given a job in an MNC..
An intellect who studies in a good university nt is sure of job..
Then still y r some in other univrsities strugglin so hard instead land in GEMS b schl who say their certificates valid, job fr sure..

I really appreciate ur prog bt u still hav to prov tht this easy go process is TRUE.

Thank u.

waitin fr reply

cliona,  30/6/11 4:02 AM  

i found gems b school in unapproved b schools

Mohamed Ismail 8/7/11 6:21 AM  

Hi Cliona,

Even I am interested to join GEMS, I am confused and have lot of questions about GEMS as you. Instead of assuming things it's better to visit the college and find out the truth.... what ya say?

Anonymous,  12/7/11 8:15 AM  

@ Cleona: What is the source of this list of unrecognised colleges. Its just a blog that anybody can create and write anything. Some of the top institutions in this country are listed in that blog like ISB which is the world's 7th best B school according to the latest rankings. This looks more like a joke to me. Please don't fall for it. That doesn't necessarily mean i am recommending GEMS, as i don't have much information about them Do your research properly and then choose your B school instead of falling for such unreliable information.


Prof. Verma

Anonymous,  12/7/11 8:28 AM  

Hey Guys, this is Alok. I agree with Ismail and Verma sir. I visited the college and it is quite good. In some of the earlier posts somebody has told that gems is not a partner of SAP and not recognised by UGC, Prime etc. But i have checked and they have all documents to prove. Which means we can't trust what is written in these blogs.

After my CAT exam i was checking on the internet and found people writing negative reviews about IIM, XLRI and Symbiosis also which are top 10 colleges in India. Anybody can write anything on the net. Mostly competitor colleges. Only see and believe. They also gave me number of students and allowed me to meet also with some students.

Anonymous,  12/7/11 8:31 AM  

Alok here again. Who said there is no entrance exam in gems. They definitely have and i have written myself.

Anonymous,  12/7/11 9:58 AM  

with all these positive and negative comments... all are getting confused i want to join gems b school but now i am really confused.. do they provide jan intake?????

params 27/7/11 10:34 AM  

hi this is parameswari. can anyone tell me about SAP..
like what is the eligibility for joining SAP, what is the name of the entrance exam?? and fees details too.. can anyone help me in this????

Ria Mehta 27/7/11 11:21 PM  

Ofcourse, there is an entrance exam followed by a personal interview. You should visit the college yourself and see with your own eyes as to how the faculty, infrastructure, placements etc are. I would suggest to student to not get carried away by such negative comments made by people. @Param You can also drop in a mail at if you need any kind of clarifications or information regarding the courses or the fee structure.

params 31/7/11 2:58 AM  

thank you Ria Mehta,and what kind of entrance exam will be conducted???
is it like CAT???

Anonymous,  31/7/11 10:35 AM  

there's no entrance test....the college is not so great....
i have visited the college n they are highly unprofessional with their attitude.
inspite of taking appointment, the guy in the office wasn't available + the degree is NOT recognized..u cant find any source on google ..
there is no such thing as PRIME, UNC or WCODES which they mention about their MBA degree...

Anonymous,  31/7/11 10:37 AM  

n about the SAP thing ....
NO internship as claimed by GEMS B-scHOol.
last year students haven't given the certification examz yet....
it takes 25 days to give certification SAP recognized institute SIEMENS....

classrooms, hostels....pathetic!!!!

Anonymous,  15/8/11 9:17 AM  

Dude.... " Mr. Anonymous ", who r u and what is your problem man..........? Rather, which other college are you from that u want to spread all this kind of wrong info abt Gems.

Wht do u think, all the students reading this r fools that they will blindly believe in what u r posting.

Guys...........My name is Nikhil and i am a student of Gems. i am openly giving my number. Call me on 9900001321 if u want any details. I will personally give u all the info and don't worry Gems is a superb college and nothing to worry. Don't get carried away by such Posts.

The only one thing that i will agree with u is that the Hostel is not very luxurious, its very basic, decent and hygienic. All the other info u r posting is all BOGUS. Like many people have mentioned earlier, see it for urself and then believe.

Arun Singh 15/8/11 10:13 PM  

Hi guys, I totally agree with Nikhil.. People like Mr Anonymous will keep spreading Bogus information.. But if you are really looking forward to pursue MBA you should go for yourself and check out the Institute rather than believing "Mr Anonymous"! No one can be a better judge than you!

Anonymous,  17/8/11 4:45 AM  

hello MR> NIKHIL and d above guy....
i am not from sum other college...
not interested in spreading false rumors..
just trying to save other students careers.
I HAVE PERSONALLY VISITED THE COLLEGE...n these are my observations after visiting d stupid college....not just randomly commenting on sumthing i don't know about.

Anonymous,  17/8/11 4:47 AM  

hello MR> NIKHIL and d above guy....
i am not from sum other college...
not interested in spreading false rumors..
just trying to save other students careers.
I HAVE PERSONALLY VISITED THE COLLEGE...n these are my observations after visiting d stupid college....not just randomly commenting on sumthing i don't know about.

adi 22/8/11 1:40 AM  

hi ,i just want to know the companies in which gems students are working and what sort of job they doare working and what sort of job they do

Anonymous,  31/8/11 12:36 PM  

Hi Adi,

For the list of a few companies, check the website and for the rest you can talk to the GEMS office.

Anonymous,  1/9/11 10:57 PM  

I am currently working out of Delhi. Can I do my MBA (Distance Learning) from GEMS ?


Anonymous,  12/9/11 4:23 AM  

Hi Bobby, I don't think that is possible.. Attendance at GEMS B School is mandatory.

Rohit Sharma,  12/9/11 4:24 AM  

Hey guys, i just came to know GEMS B School is among the first 50 B-Schools according to the research survey conducted by ICMR

Anonymous,  13/9/11 10:51 PM  

the placement officer in Gems is a hopeless guy. he will push you in some jobs\ that pays you around 5000 just for the sake of getting you a job...

Anonymous,  14/9/11 12:33 AM  

Yes GEMS B SCHOOL is now in the Top 50 B-Schools in India. Check out this link

Vijay Shetty,  15/9/11 4:59 AM  

GEMS B SCHOOL is now in the Top 50 B-Schools in India.. I think this should be enough to contradict all people talking negative about gemsbschool.. Check out the link guys!

Anonymous,  26/9/11 4:40 AM  

hey guys,i am currently pursuing my graduation( hons. final year)..i m looking forward to study in GEMS..but after going through all these posts,i m confused..

Anonymous,  26/9/11 4:50 AM  

i have went through the PMRE website
GEMS is not mentioned there..

surender 27/9/11 2:36 AM  

HI, i have also checked and there is no such thing a PRIME, WCODES and UGC related with GEMS B SCHOOL.

For industry synergised MBA the students say the placement officer just places them in small ranges of salary below 9000 for the sake of placement. I think if you better work in petrol bunk and hotels and u can earn more than that and more over u can save your 3,50,000 parents money and 2 years precious time......

Anonymous,  27/9/11 2:39 AM  

nothing to say about GEMS and the Placements are not up to standard levels in salary wise for who are all already graduates.....

Aditi Jain,  3/10/11 12:54 AM  

Hi guys.. I have no clue where people are getting all the wrong information from.. GEMS B School is definitely UGC recognized and the placements college offer minimum 15to 20k per month.. The placements and the faculty are the best i have ever come across. And any good MBA college does will not have fess less than 3,50,000.. So people who are really interested in gemsbschool should not get influenced by wrong information being circulated.. Also the link to the Top 50 B-Schools in India(in which GEMS B School has also been ranked) has been provided to clear all your doubts!

Siddharth,  4/10/11 1:31 AM  

Hi Mr. Anonymous, PMRE is a body which recognises Universities and not Institutions. Please check for South Asia University/ Morpheus Global University and you can find them listed there.

Kidsworld 4/10/11 9:49 AM  

My Son is doing his 12th. He is interested in Industry Synergised BBA + MBA. He has thorough knowledge of G.K. and Current Affairs.I am very much relieved to see so much good comments regarding the School. Though my son is proficient in English, he has not had the chance to speak it during his School time. Will he be able to join this School?

Dev Mallya,  4/10/11 11:26 PM  

Hi.. As far as my knowledge goes the criteria is just a simple written test followed by a personal interview.. So your son is definitely eligible for this course.. And his knowledge of G.K. and current affairs will be an added advantage in clearing the test.. So just go ahead!

Srividya Jayaraman,  11/10/11 12:16 AM  

My college GEMS B School rocks!

Anonymous,  11/10/11 9:11 AM  

the link tht has been provided dosnt work so no one can see gems b school ranking thts good

Anish Vora,  12/10/11 2:44 AM  

I have gone through the link myself.. How can it not work.. Strange! May be your its your internet issue then.. The link definitely works.. Try again dude!

Rashmi,  14/10/11 12:14 AM  

i want to do industry synergised bba mba from gems. but i want to know if 2 days of study is enough??? and what kind of placement will i be offered while im studying?

Anonymous,  16/10/11 11:35 PM  

industry synergised mba is meant to be a earn and learn programme. and not only earn you also get a lot of practical knowledge if work in the industry. im not sure of what kind of placemnet. but u should a good one because by the time your mba is over u will have work experience too.

Ali,  18/10/11 3:10 AM  

hey guys.. i have done my hsc (commerce).. and a one year diploma in finance.. i have been working for 3 years i want to study further.. am i eligible for any course at gemsbschool.. plz help me

Khushi,  19/10/11 2:33 AM  

yes i think you can do corporate integrate bba + mba from gemsbschool.. that course is specially for diploma holders.. im not very sure though

Vinodh,  21/10/11 2:24 AM  

Can anyone name a few companies where i can get placement after mba in media and entertainment from gems b school?

Sachin Dhameja,  21/10/11 11:50 PM  

Hi Vinodh, i wanted to know the same thing.. i visited their website and discovered that the college offers internship and placements with network 18, CNBC, MTV and many more.. you should check the website too.

syed 24/10/11 11:10 AM  

hey guys gems b school like hari said in starting of this comments so u ppl r just defndin wat is d fact of dis scholl totally confused.........

Esha,  3/11/11 11:53 PM  

Hi syed, as students of gems b school we will defend our college if someone like hari comes and posts irrelevant information.. if you are genuinely interested you should come and visit the college and judge for yourself instead of relying on information from unknown sources..

Harsh 5/11/11 11:07 PM  

Hello Friends
I am a BE in IT 2011 pass-out and I want to join any MBA course. I heard about this Gems B school also. I need a response from all the students of this school that how the actually is school and what the institute do for the placement of students at the time of joining. Which place the students got placed, because when I gone through the details in the site of this school it seems that the school must be have some tie-up with different companies in Bangalore but after further investigation I found that its not as that all is the thing that you have to do with yourself all they can do is only that they just tell you that "here is the walk-in on this date you should go there". And also is that they are supposed to hide from some of the companies that the student is studying with them(this seems as something parlous). And if it is same as this only the guy must be getting job profile as his/her earlier education not as the management knowledge given by the Gems B school.
In my case I a IT graduate and I don't want to work as a developer or a tester while I want a job where I can show my management skills but if I join this then I will be getting job as the IT market person, not as a management student because my skills till now are up-to the S/W industry.
Please elaborate ......

Kunal, GEMS B School,  8/11/11 2:19 AM  

Hi Harsh,

I am not sure from where you have got all this information. This is not how the placements work here. I would suggest you to visit our institute sometime and we will be glad to let you interact with students to get first hand information.The placement will definitely be related to the specialisation you choose in your MBA in one of the companies GEMS B SCHOOL is tied up with ( NO walk in Drives - Until unless a company is recruiting for a project ONLY through a Walk-in Drive ). However, it will depend on your skills and the market conditions.

Harsh 8/11/11 7:55 PM  

Hello Kunal,
I have visited the campus one time and the counselor herself told me all about this that's why I am asking you all people because I think many of guys here are former or current student of this institute. Are you a student or a person in-charge of the institute & if possible can you please give me your phone# ....

Kunal, GEMS B School,  9/11/11 11:32 PM  

Sure Harsh, you can talk to our Executive - Student relations on 9980288869 and get more clarity.

megha,  24/11/11 11:23 PM  

my name is Megha ganesh, i need to do MBA in GemsBschool, i am a fresh graduate and i want to know about the placements in GemsBschool.

shwetha 25/11/11 1:37 AM  

Hi Megha,

Placements in Gems b School are just too good.When i enquired i got to know that, we will b placed within a week or 10 days from the day of admission.Visit the college once & do enquire in person once.


Gagandeep Singh 25/11/11 2:26 AM  

All i have come to know about GEMS is quiet interesting but i would also like to know about the faculty and the teaching method. somebody please help me..

Shaikh Ismail 27/11/11 6:25 PM  

most of the teachers do have industry background and they are very good but the guest faculties are more interesting. I like the way how they share their experience. A nice update on the current events & affairs.

Supritha,  27/11/11 9:20 PM  

After reading all the positive comments here, im very impressed with this college. im planning to do industry synergised mba. i like the concept of the earn and learn programme. Thank u for the info guys!

Rohit,  8/12/11 9:20 PM  

I also want to pursue industry synergised mba from gems and i think that the work and learn programme is more of practical exposure than a source of earning so im not very much concerned about the salary during the course.. I visited the college myself and had a word with the students so im very much satisfied with the review..

Anonymous,  25/12/11 1:19 AM  

hello students of gems
1): i am santhosh i have one doubt before joining the college ,they are saying that exams are conducted on trimister basis every 3 months .i wanted to know whether the exam pattern will be multiple choice or writing pattern because students attend only on weekends know.
what is difficulty level of exams will it be easy or hard , since we use to work and study.

2):second one is what type of job will they place while joining ,since i am interested in marketing
will they simply place for low profile job like saleman or marketing executive which we need to travel extensively.

3):third is after completing the mba will the companies come to campus for campus placement or will they send to the companies for interview like recruitement firms.
what are salaries we get after 2yrs study and work.will we get higher salaries compared to other b school students.


Esha Matta,  26/12/11 4:22 AM  

Hi Santosh, 1)Exams are descriptive, not online yet. The preparations for exams are fairly easy as a lot of Model and sample question papers are given to us.
2) And the Job will depend on your calibre such as your Comm skills, Computer skills, confidence levels and it will also depend on your percentage in your graduation. No it will not be a job of a salesman involving too much travelling until of course you are alright with the same.
3) No the college is not a recruitment firm and they are obviously not going to function like one. You will certainly earn more than students of other B schools since you have 2 years of work experience along with your MBA, unlike them.

Anonymous,  9/2/12 11:49 AM  

I am dilip i have done in 2011 with IT branch. and now i have to plan to do mba with job form gems b school. and currently i am not working any where, so if i join gems b school then they will provide job or not, if yes then which type of job they will provide ???? any one plz help me out ..


Nishtha,  10/2/12 2:21 AM  

Hi Dilip, the job that you will be provided will very much depend on the mba specialization you choose. For example if you choose IT as you specialization you will definitely be provided job in the IT sector.

Mohammad Arshad 10/3/12 9:19 AM  

In 2010 batch 48 out of 65 students are working. So it depends on your enthusiasim, if you want to work you can easily get a job, but you have to work 5 days and study 2 days.

Anonymous,  12/4/12 12:00 AM  

all what they said is only partially true....there are 2 different universities...south asia and south asian.....gems is affiliated to south asia university...pls check website....its also a distance learning university and there is no mention of gems b school in their whole website evn under the educational partners or institutions tab....

Anonymous,  12/4/12 12:02 AM  

and yes....the placements are provided for name sake even below the 6000 salary range which even house maids get....all the companies listed in gems b school website are not taken even by chance by the placement officer at all...all he shows is bpo or small petty consultancies...and worst part forces u to join der....

Deepika 24/5/12 3:54 AM  


am deepika,

am really confused with tis MBA course. Can't judge wats truth n wats false but surely ill go and check by my self. ill visit their school in bangalore.

Esha,  28/5/12 12:42 AM  

Hi Deepika, I think thats the best decision. Rather than believing information from unknown sources you'd better go and visit yourself. No can be a better judge than you. All the best! :)

dds,  28/5/12 6:54 AM  

Everyone is speaking good about the school and its education and placement, but I have noticed, nobody replies to the post which asks about fee structure. can anyone post what is approx fee for MBA+SAP program?

Nikita,  29/5/12 1:15 AM  

The fee structure for MBA with SAP is 4,20,000 + 12.36% Service Tax.

harish,  11/6/12 10:34 PM  

THIS IS HARISH. i have completed my with 68.1% and scored average marks during my 10th and 12th 56.8 and 57.42.. i would like to do my MBA with GEMS B SCHOOL.. i have few queries with me...
will my average marks affect the placements provided by GEMS?
how soon can i be placed in a company after the enrollment with GEMS??
i had a visit to the campus yesterday... i'm pretty confident with infrastructure and the affiliation of the school..
all i need is the placement assurance!!!!!
pls suggest me with good comments

Esha Matta,  12/6/12 1:32 AM  

Hi Harish, As long as you have more than 60% in your graduation, it should be fine. Most top companies have a cut off of 60%. Students normally get placed in less than 2 - 3 weeks after enrollment. Thanks

harish,  12/6/12 8:04 PM  

@ Esha Matta...
do u hold any relationship with GEMS?
do u know anyone studying in the current batch at bangalore? all these blogs give me a lots of confusions...
give me some clear details about the placements...

Esha Matta,  13/6/12 1:56 AM  

Hi Harish, i am ex-student of GEMS. you can send your query along with your contact details on They will be able to help you better and also provide numbers of current students.

Kunal, GEMS B School,  14/6/12 1:17 AM  

Dear Students, We are happy to inform you that GEMS B SCHOOL has now added another feather to its cap. GEMS B SCHOOL is now affiliated to Bharathiar University from Tamil Nadu which is a UGC and AICTE approved University. Students freshly enrolling for the Industry Synergised MBA program can now, also, avail the option of getting a Full time International MBA degree from Bharathiar University by Working Monday to Friday and studying on Saturdays and Sundays. Students freshly enrolling for the Corporate MBA, MBA with SAP and Industry Synergised BBA+MBA can also opt to get their degree from Bharathiar University.

Esha,  15/6/12 2:44 AM  

That's a superb development. Students can now get just one degree which will be valid for employments in The Private Sector, Public Sector and Overseas, not having to study two degrees and write two exams.

Anonymous,  15/6/12 8:12 AM  

so by choosing this tamil nadu university,we have to give only one exam?and what about the nims university and the foreign university which is recognised in UK?I mean the foreign uninversity degree have more value. we will not get that degree?I am confused.what was the aim of having this tamil nadu university and scrapping those two universities?

Anonymous,  16/6/12 11:08 AM  

Yes. i feel the same.!!

there will be no international degree?

And the comments are damn confusing. I want to visit the college by myself but it is far away from where I stay.

I am confused whether to visit and take admission or go for some other option. Please if students studying there (mba (is)) and doing well. reply.. and help me out with this. and give me someone's contact no. (who is currently studying there)


Anonymous,  17/6/12 6:20 AM  

the placements they give after admission are only nominal i quality job is given and also the salary is below par.pls those who r studying,i request them to tel der salary.are they earning gud money is the big question..

Kunal, GEMS B School,  17/6/12 11:33 PM  

Hi, We are not scrapping those two Universities, We have only offered our students the option of a getting one full time degree from a UGC recognised University instead of two. This is for students who are not very interested in a foreign university and who are not ready to take the strain of pursuing two degrees at a time. If you are particular about the foreign University you can still go ahead with it. With the Bharathiar university degree students can get the same value and recognition that they would get by taking up SAU and KSOU degrees.

Anonymous,  19/6/12 12:19 AM  

hey, please guide regarding whats the actual starting salary and how long does it take to get placed after the comments sre too confusing for me. please i need a genuine guidance. rest its making me thing that how can big companies hire u before completion of the degree and offer u job?????

Nishant,  19/6/12 10:08 PM  

There are students earning good salaries ( 25-30k per month ) and also students earning reasonable salaries ( 10-15k per month ). The placement will completely depend on your calibre. If your credentials are good and if you're able to perform well in interviews, you could earn a good salary on a good placement.

Manish,  20/6/12 12:00 PM  

Friends....I am interested in doing MBA frm GEMS bt d problem is that when i was visited to d web page of Gems i came 2 know that it is affiliated 2 Mysoor university bt sm one in d portal suggest that its affiliated 2 NIIMS jaipur bt when was talk 2 d counsellor she tell me that d institute is affiliated 2 Bhartiar university coimbator.....Even i was talk 2 d NIIMS jaipur bt they r nt able 2 give any information abt it.U can also call on to 09799418000 d no. of NIIMS jaipur.....So frnds frnds pls help me 2 know abt d affiliation ..........Is it UGC/AICTE approved.....If yes then affiliated 2 which university of INDIA.........

Vishmita Suvarna,  21/6/12 11:29 PM  

GEMS is affiliated to different Universities for different programs across different centres and that is very clearly mentioned in their website. The Mysore University MBA is a conventional Mon-Fri classes program. If you are looking for The Industry synergised MBA or MBA with SAP, it is offered in affiliation with Bharathiar university. GEMS used to be affiliated to NIMS 2 years back, but not anymore. It's best you talk to the the counsellors directly to get clear all your doubts.

Manish,  22/6/12 10:36 AM  

Thanks a lot Vishmita suvarna 4r ur information by which i am 100% confirmed abt d affiliation,...I hv another doubt that is d certificate provided 4r d IS MBA prgm fulltime or executive......

Anonymous,  22/6/12 9:23 PM  

Actually i m working professional and want to do an MBA. But when i visited the UGC website, they have approved colleges list. But i m not able to find the GEMS B school name in the list... could any one please clarify it...

Vishmita Suvarna,  25/6/12 2:30 AM  

Hi Manish, all the programs are full time and not Executive MBA. Attending classes is mandatory.
@anonymous: GEMS B School is affiliated to Bharathiar University, which is recognised by the UGC and AICTE.

Anonymous,  28/6/12 1:41 AM  

@vishmita....but the each course needs recognition from ugc/aicte... the college should be recognized..

Anonymous,  28/6/12 1:54 AM  

@vishmita....but the each course needs recognition from ugc/aicte... the college should be recognized..and gems b school is in the unapproved college list published by aicte...
the following link will lead u thr...

Esha,  29/6/12 2:51 AM  

Hi, Thanks for sharing that link. This is the first time i am coming across this and i was shocked to see GEMS B SCHOOL listed there. However, i have done a bit of research and have spoken to a few people including the Management of GEMS B SCHOOL in Bangalore about the same. Here is the information i have for you guys.

1. The expansion of UGC is "University Grants commission", which is a statutory body constituted by the government of India to approve Universities within the geographical boundaries of India. As the name itself states, UGC is for Universities and not colleges. Since GEMS B SCHOOL is a college, they don't need UGC approval. However, the University that they are affiliated to, which is Bhrathiar University, is UGC approved.

Esha,  29/6/12 2:52 AM  

2. For an Institution to be approved by AICTE, the institution must have 2 acres of land, 10 classrooms, computer labs and some such parameters. since GEMS B SCHOOL-HYDERABAD has a small campus and does not comply to these requisites of AICTE, they are not approved by them. GEMS B SCHOOL Hyderabad offers only SAP courses and Online MBA courses for which a compact infrastructure is more than sufficient and neither do they want AICTE recognition for the same. However, this is not the case with GEMS B SCHOOL-BANGALORE or their other branches. That's why you don't see GEMS B SCHOOL -BANGALORE or their other branches being listed there in that link under Karnataka or other states. If students are planning to join GEMS B SCHOOL - BANGALORE or other centres, they are absolutely safe and don't have to worry.

Esha,  29/6/12 2:52 AM  

3. Besides, AICTE is " All India Council for Technical education". Meaning, only institutions offering technical courses need approval from AICTE. Only technical institutions in India who are offering BE, Btech, BSC, BCA, MCA etc along with MBA have AICTE approval. If you notice most of the Top B schools in India such as Amity, ICFAI, M.S. Ramaiah, Presidency college, Indian School of Business ( ranked no.20 in the world ) etc are listed in that link. To me this list looks more like a Joke, specially to see ISB-HYDERABAD listed there whose students get placed even before they complete their course with fat salary packages. But, colleges operating out of sheds which don't have proper facilities, faculties, proper infrastructure, furniture etc are not listed there.

My advice to you guys is don't bother about UGC, AICTE, X,Y,Z,A,B,C........ etc. Join an institution which will give you good faculty, placements and overall development. According to the latest statistics, 56% of MBAs in India are unemployable despite having an MBA from recognised institutions because such institutions fail when it comes to faculty and placements despite having all the recognitions. what is the use of recognitions when students are not fit to be employed????????

Vijay Shetty,  6/7/12 12:35 AM  

Thanxx esha for ur effort on the college research. im sure many other students would benefit from this. Infact even i was a little unsure but then i personally visited the college after reading all the comments, met the students, spoke to da faculty n staff. i have taken admission for industry synergised mba n im glad to be a part of gems.

Anonymous,  6/7/12 6:40 AM  

i have personnally met some students, its totally fake, many are regretting of wastin their money.
i dont know who these ppl are posting, guess management of gems are doin

Vijay Shetty,  6/7/12 11:59 PM  

Dear Mr. Anonymous, if what u r saying is true, why don't you reveal your name, email address and mobile number so that people can directly contact u and verify to find out who is fake and who is real. Why r u hiding ur identity and posting comments here. Why don't u reveal ur details like us and participate in this forum. C'mon Mr. Anonymous reveal ur details. Otherwise, we will all in this forum assume that u are the fake one here.

Manish,  11/7/12 11:42 PM  

Thanks again vismita 4r solving my prob. by ur information..............

Anonymous,  13/7/12 3:40 AM  

Hi this is Bhavna. Do Big companies like TCS, RIL, L & T etc give recognition to such MBA degree. Will such placement will be provided by GEMS??

request your answer.

Anonymous,  13/7/12 4:58 AM  

I am planning for mba with sap but i have some doubt. does the gemsbschool provide guaranteed internship and one year work experience for the course in a sap company.

Raj,  16/7/12 12:18 AM  

Myself currently working with a MNC as a s/w engineer.I want to do MBA with SAP.After joining can i able to retain in the same job in which i am working now ?

Anonymous,  16/7/12 3:22 AM  

I’m also like Raj working with MNC as an s/w engineer. I too have same doubts what Raj has. Adding on to it, I see the best paid package is 30K or so, which any normal s/w engineer with work experience will get. What difference does it make after completing MBA? Can anyone help me in giving info about best placement jobs and best salary paid?

Esha Matta,  16/7/12 4:43 AM  

Hi Bhavna and Raj, This is a UGC recognised degree offered by a University which is NAAC "A" Grade Accredited. Hence, All the big companies will accept it. Yes, you are offered a guaranteed internship. I think you should contact the college directly for more info.

Nikhil Singh Thakur 17/7/12 4:53 AM  

I have a couple of questions about GEMS...
1. Does GEMS B School Hyderabad offer Industry Synergised MBA?
2. At what time of the year admissions happen? And is there a possibility of admissions in Jan 2013?
3. Are all the students studying Industry Synergised MBA placed while puruing the MBA?
4. I am already working professional with over 8 months IT experience and earning around 15k every month. So will the job I will be getting with my MBA offer me more pay?

Anonymous,  17/7/12 7:01 AM  


jerry,  17/7/12 12:55 PM  

i hv got 2 yrs of experience in a mnc.i would like to pursue a mba in your b-school.could you pleasse let me know what is the package the companies offer ? .Ri8 now i am getting a ctc of 4.4 per an.

Esha Matta,  18/7/12 3:30 AM  

Hi Nikhil,
1) No, at the moment it is offered only in Bangalore.
2) Admissions can happen only before August. There is no intake in Jan 2013.
3) Yes, all the students are placed, but the job will depend on the student's calibre.
4) You should interact with the placement officer of GEMS to get an appropriate

Esha Matta,  18/7/12 3:35 AM  

Hi, According to me Industry synergised MBA would be suitable for you.
Yes, certainly.
3) No, the degree comes from a UGC recognised University.

Esha Matta,  18/7/12 3:35 AM  

Hi Jerry, The placement officer of GEMS would be the right person to answer that question.

Chintu 23/7/12 8:32 AM  

Hi iam prashanth i have done my Btech from Trr collge of engg hyd with 71 % and have 2 yrs of experience ... now planning for MBA ... can you please guide me

Anonymous,  24/7/12 1:20 AM  

santhosh here i wanted to know whether mba with sap has 2 years full time work experience or 1.5 years of experience .because i am taking admission on july end .
can gems students clarify this .

Poorvi,  25/7/12 12:15 AM  

Hi Prashanth, I'd suggest you to get in touch with the college representative asap to get all the details. The admissions are likely to close soon. Or You can log on to, clear the online entrance test, following which an email with an invitation for admission will be sent to you.

Anonymous,  25/7/12 4:43 AM  

m in my final yr bms n i wnt to do mba in event management the comments r quite confusing...i live in mumbai n its nt possible for me to personally visit the campus n gt cn ne1 pls genuinely give me some proper information abt the colg,course,placement n certification of colg?

Sri,  25/7/12 5:36 AM  

Hi Santhosh: It will have 1.5 years work experience as you will be studying the SAP course in the 1st 5 months.

Shubhangi,  25/7/12 11:51 PM  

Hey the collg is definately good. I can assure you. i also understand how misleading these negative comments on the internet can be and they can really put you off in the beginning itself. would suggest you to not consider any of the comments on the internet as it is an open source and there is no control on who is writing what and whether it is genuine or not. I had come across the number of this guy in one of these forums, William - 8792571187, from Mumbai who studies at GEMS. Coz even you are from Mumbai, please speak with him and he should be able to give you an accurate review.

Dinesh Warang 1/8/12 12:20 PM  

i am from mumbai...going to visit institute by weekend....dinesh warang

Dinesh Warang 1/8/12 12:22 PM

Shruthi S,,  2/8/12 11:54 PM  

Hi guys, I see a lot of negative comments coming up about the
collg. I don't know if these are students from other colleges because
I got myself enrolled for mba in event mngmnt last week n im very much
satisfied after having a word with the student relations manager.

william,  16/8/12 10:34 AM  

Hello this is William whom shubhangi had mentioned. I am a final year student of GEMS B SCHOOL, if you have any clarifications about the college to be done you can mail me at

william,  16/8/12 10:39 AM  

Hello My name is William from Mumbai, I would like to inform you all, not to blindly trust anyone who has negative image about the college, I am a final year student of GEMS, I am in my 2nd last tri-mester. anyone wants to know anything about GEMS B School can call me @ 8792571187.

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  • COBBLED - Repair or mend
  • ABHORRENCE - Hate coupled with disgust
  • INCUMBENCY - The term during which some position is held
  • MITIGATE -Lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of
  • dubious - Open to doubt or suspicion
  • FOSTERING - Encouragement; aiding the development of something
  • ELICIT- Call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses)
  • PLAUSIBLE - Apparently reasonable and valid, and truthful
  • FORGE - Move ahead steadily
  • BOLSTER (V)-Support and strengthen
  • ECCENTRIC- A person with an unusual or odd personality
  • PATRONAGE - The act of providing approval and support
  • IMPERVIOUS - Not admitting of passage or capable of being affected

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