Earn Money and Earn an MBA!

With tuition going up across the board in the double digit percentages, every MBA hopeful would do well to have one (or two) jobs on the side. However, the in-depth study required by most MBA programs does not leave much room in the daytime for a job. However, with the prevalence of the Internet and virtual market, you can earn money while you are earning an MBA.

Below are some ways in which you can bolster your bank account and your future prospects by earning money while earning your MBA.

– Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a discipline that can be undertaken at any point in time of the day or night. Affiliate marketers only need to find appropriate partners and create content once, and the income rolls in residually once visitors start attending the website.

– Ghost writing

There are many websites which facilitate the use of ghost writers, giving employers a chance to connect with writers. With all of the academic writing that you are doing, your writing skills should be right up there. Take advantage of that by doing some projects for other people as a ghost writer.

– How-to articles

There are many sites which allow you to place how-to articles and do the search engine optimization for you while surrounding your articles with Google AdWords ads. Again, like affiliate marketing, his how-to sites only require that you place the content once, and it is good advice, it will draw visitors that will give you residual income.

– Online tutoring

Just like there are sites which facilitate bringing together clients and ghost writers, there are also sites which facilitate online tutoring. As an MBA candidate, you are in demand when it comes to high school and college students who need a tutor. Tutoring is one of the most lucrative freelance professions on the market right now, with the best tutors able to earn in excess of $100 an hour without leaving the comfort of their chair.

– Editor
If you have an eye for catching mistakes on paper, you can also earn good money by editing other people's papers online. Because you are in school, you will have a good idea of what teachers are looking for. You will be able then to use that expertise to make other papers more professional, which is a highly desirable trait.

– Using social media

There are many ways to use social media to make money in the current market. The secret to making money with social media is to drive traffic to your page. From there you can undertake an affiliate marketing business a how-to video business or many others. If you have traffic, you can sell, and advertisers will know this.

– Auto loans

Believe it or not, some car dealerships are looking for people can facilitate auto loans online. If you have a basic knowledge of finance, you can work online in closing auto loan deals as well as insurance and title deals when needed.

– Remote assistance

If you have time in your class schedule during the day, you can provide remote or personal assistance for businesses around the area. People are willing to pay for any number of administrative duties, from retyping letters to cold calling prospects to anything you can think of in between. This kind of work can be done on your own schedule and does not require that you leave the comfort of your own chair or keep a rigid 9-to-5 schedule.

Guest Writer: Kathleen Hubert is a blogger who writes on a variety of different sites. Check out more of her work at http://www.autoloan.org/">auto loan.


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  • dubious - Open to doubt or suspicion
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