B-school freshers get Rs 5,000-8,000

Sailing in the same boat is Namit Kumar (B-school freshers), whose MBA institute in Cuttack, Orissa, mostly lay barren as far as placements were concerned.

Namit was lucky to have got a sales job in a retail firm as a result of his own job hunt, for a monthly income of Rs 5,500, minuscule compared to what students from reputed institutes get.

“The entire course fee for two years was nearly Rs 4 lakh, but after spending so much, all I get is peanuts,” complains Kumar.

Namit's story is a grim reality despite talk of jobs and fancy salaries brimming all over again.

Of the 4,000 engineering institutes and approximately 1,600 business schools affiliated with the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), hundreds and thousands of the not-so famous institutes and their students have to grapple with low salaries or a no job scenario.


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