Advanced DS 19/04

Families in which some members argue with each other compete for a chance to appear on Barry Wringer’s TV show. The greater the percentage of family members who argue with each other, the greater the family’s chances of appearing on Wringer’s show. If the Brown family and the Gonzales family both have the same number of members, does the Brown family have a better chance of appearing on Wringer’s show than the Gonzales family?

(1) In each family, male members argue with each other, female members argue with each other, but male members do not argue with female members and vice versa.

(2) The Brown family has the same number of male members as female members. The Gonzales family has more male members than female members.

a. Statement (1) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (2) ALONE is not sufficient.

b. Statement (2) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (1) ALONE is not sufficient.

c. BOTH statements TOGETHER are sufficient, but NEITHER statement ALONE is sufficient.

d.EACH statement ALONE is sufficient.

e. Statements (1) and (2) TOGETHER are NOT sufficient.

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Vocab Power Updated Daily

  • COBBLED - Repair or mend
  • ABHORRENCE - Hate coupled with disgust
  • INCUMBENCY - The term during which some position is held
  • MITIGATE -Lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of
  • dubious - Open to doubt or suspicion
  • FOSTERING - Encouragement; aiding the development of something
  • ELICIT- Call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses)
  • PLAUSIBLE - Apparently reasonable and valid, and truthful
  • FORGE - Move ahead steadily
  • BOLSTER (V)-Support and strengthen
  • ECCENTRIC- A person with an unusual or odd personality
  • PATRONAGE - The act of providing approval and support
  • IMPERVIOUS - Not admitting of passage or capable of being affected

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