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CBS 2 was one of first channels I have seen. They have a great informative news delivered everyday and educational show that I always watch. I like their anchors. CBS Anchor Laura Diaz is now a successful yet very humble Hispanic television journalist in the nation. She was born in Santa Paula, daughter of farm parents. Her very positive attitude in her career plus hard work had brought her there. No wonder she is an 8th time Emmy Award winner and has also won two Golden Mike Awards in 2005 and 2006 for best feature reporting.Laura Diaz anchor with passion that brings positive effect on the Hispanic community. She is a well respected CBS anchor in Los Angeles covering the topics, and answering the questions that viewers want to know. Read about CBS Anchor Laura Diaz' very inspiring biography. Laura Diaz anchor CBS 2 K CAL 9 with all diligence and enthusiasm. To Learn more about Laura Diaz’s awards and Charity work Visit Anchor Laura Diaz Today . She is absolutely amazing woman.aura's commitment to this cause grew from her extensive coverage of the murder of Erin's daughter, Samantha, by a sexual predator in 2002.


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Vocab Power Updated Daily

  • COBBLED - Repair or mend
  • ABHORRENCE - Hate coupled with disgust
  • INCUMBENCY - The term during which some position is held
  • MITIGATE -Lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of
  • dubious - Open to doubt or suspicion
  • FOSTERING - Encouragement; aiding the development of something
  • ELICIT- Call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses)
  • PLAUSIBLE - Apparently reasonable and valid, and truthful
  • FORGE - Move ahead steadily
  • BOLSTER (V)-Support and strengthen
  • ECCENTRIC- A person with an unusual or odd personality
  • PATRONAGE - The act of providing approval and support
  • IMPERVIOUS - Not admitting of passage or capable of being affected

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