The world MBA tour

I had been to world MBA tour at Bangalore Taj Residency was a real good experience and wanted to share the same with you.34 colleges worldwide had participated, mostly from the USA big names like Queens, Maryland , NYU stern where present.

The whole lists here
College of William and Mary
Cornell University
Duke Univesity
NYU stern
University of British Columbia
University of California Davis
University of Los Angeles
University of Dallas
University of Denver
University of Iowa
University of Maryland
University of Rochester
University of Southern California
York Uniberity

There was a huge crowd at the itenary , The registration had began at 5:00 pm , reached there at around 5:15 and it was packed , Seeing the number of the people scared me of the competition after that got the badge checked , The organizers did a great work in attending to so many aspirants ,and for free.

There were three panels
Why an MBA and which specialization?
Is MBA right for me?
Alumni Discussion

Three panelists were giving a broad picture about the MBA from International university and about the application procedures. The halls where also packed, people standing. Majority of people where IT and engineering background .Most common Questions for career switch from IT to finance. Why Finance and what in finance have to be really specific like investment banking, Venture capital, commercial banking .merger and acquisition etc. Applications were discussed, See my next blog.

Need to do lots of research what will be ideal length of MBA ,your financial state to pay fees and what best for you as said you have to analyze things deeply as you are paying a huge amount of money and return of investment should be there.

After talking to so many panelists ,Alumna’s and Admission officers, I have got a idea we have to be sure why we are doing an MBA and what we actually interested in , That’s a really tough to know . Many of us seeing the equity market and money involved are lured to do investment banking but the fact remains it’s a very critical job and finance experience and undergrad degree in Finance , economics is necessary , As told by an Alumna’s of Queens CFO of AMD , prove that you are interested in finance and have done some homework then only you will land up there do an internship with a finance company .Doing Retail Abroad is really tough for an International student as you face local competition and the Americans are too much interested in marketing and a company would any day prefer them over an International student as no issue of visa and all. MBA is a platform for a person to accelerate your career , 1000’s colleges offering many courses , you have to be specific what will be best for you.Getting into MBA .Many kind of Scholarships are there and colleges encourage entrepreneurs.
Do start networking it’s a way to help you get an internship or job. These high levels of networking really helps in this world.
One Panelist told me to forget about everything and work very hard to maximize your score as we have the potential 2 months hard work and boast our score to 720 levels and from there with a decent work experience no colleges can reject you.

The MBA fair was another grand event had to kick off from 7:30 the queue started from 6 near the doors , There were tables behind which representatives from each college were present advertising there courses and colleges. Applications have become real good business as each is around 100-200 $ and increasing the range of students, I mean the GMAT range in some it’s from 500-750, these will make number of applications more. There were brochures at every table and people were just rushing including me to collect all brochures before it gets over .Its a very attractive brochures and all details in them, the officers were very interactive and answering to all different absurd question asked to them .I admired there patients its there job but what about the alumna’s why are they so keen in helping there college to get students, is it because of networking. As there is an alumna’s group of each college and are very active, this question remains unanswered.

Finally, I would like to conclude that such fairs for an Indian student is really helpful as he gets a platform to interact with admission officers of his dream college and know what exactly has to be done, Thanks to moa tour (www.the


Anonymous,  5/10/07 10:21 AM  

Thats nice explanation

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